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NFL Draft 2017: A Very Early Preview Of Boston College Prospective Draft Picks

The 2016 season could be a major factor for BC players trying to find a home in the NFL

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Draft ended up with roughly the amount of Boston College draft picks that many expected. Going into the draft many had projected two or three players would get their names called. Justin Simmons ended up in Denver in the third round, while Steven Daniels went to Washington in the 7th. But what about this upcoming crop of players. Remember this group for the most part is that bumper class between Frank Spaziani and Steve Addazio. Many of the players in that class are already gone, but others have come in. Let's take a very early look at who could be drafted in 2017.

Matt Milano- Linebacker: If I could go ahead and predict ahead of time, Milano is going to easily be the highest drafted player in 2017. He's fast, he's disruptive, and a different breed of linebacker than say a Steven Daniels. He fits in perfectly with what most NFL teams are trying to do at that position, going for those tweener prospects (safety/linebacker hybrids), and I wouldn't be surprised if he his name is called at an early slot than Justin Simmons was this year. Another big year for Milano and his stock could soar.

John Johnson- Cornerback: I was talking to Eric Hoffses about him the other day and he said that if Johnson could replicate the 40 inch vertical he had coming out of high school that NFL teams would fall in love with him. A good season, with a good combine and I could see Johnson being drafted in 2017.

Truman Gutapfel- Defensive Tackle: He is a player that I'm really intrigued to see what he can do, now that he is out of the shadows of Connor Wujciak. He is going to have to be "the guy" this year at the DT position, so let's see what he can do. My biggest concerns is that he's a tad undersized for a typical NFL defensive tackle. Currently he's only 280 pounds, but with a little weight added between now and next February's combine, he may help his stock

Myles Willis- Running Back: Here is a player that might benefit from a change in offensive coordinator. He has the skill set to be an all purpose back, and hopefully he will get to showcase some of his different abilities this year in more of a pro style offense. Scouts are going to want to see him catch the ball more often, break and elude tackles, and continue to show off his strong kick/punt returning abilities. If he can make some plays this year, have a strong showing at the combine/pro day, he may see his name called on draft day.

Kevin Kavalec- Defensive End: A run stuffing defensive end, Kavalec has combined for 18.5 tackles for loss over the past two years. However NFL teams want DE's that can also get after quarterbacks, something that we saw out of Kavalec his sophomore year when he had 3.5 sacks. He's going to need to repeat that type of output this season.

Patrick Towles: Quarterback: He has all the tools to be an NFL quarterback, but hasn't been able to put it all together yet at the collegiate level. Offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler touts himself as a QB guru, and Towles could be just the type of project that he works well with. He is big, can move in the pocket, and has a cannon of an arm, but questions on his decision making especially under pressure. This is going to be a big year for Towles. If he can cut down on the interceptions, and resurrect BC's stagnant offense, teams will notice.

Never Say Never, But Most Likely To Be An UDFA If They Choose To Continue Football (Again just speculating, a lot can change between now and the end of the 2016 season): Mike Strizak (LB), Mike Giacone (TE), Jim Cashman (OL), Tyler Rouse (RB).