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Boston College And The 2016 NFL Draft: Three Eagles Complete In 40 Yard Dash At NFL Combine

How did they do?

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft Combine is being held this weekend and four Boston College Eagles are competing to improve their draft stock. Linebacker Steven Daniels and defensive linemen Mehdi Abdesmad and Connor Wujciak ran today, while defensive back Justin Simmons will be running tomorrow.

Let's take a look at how the three prospects did today:

Steven Daniels, LB:

They may be very different in their potential and style of play, but as a reference Luke Kuechly ran a 4.54 when he competed in 2012. Daniels finished in the Top 20 for the linebacker position this year, at this point Darron Lee with the fastest at 4.47

Connor Wujciak, DT:

That is very good speed for a defensive tackle as Wujciak finished 4th in his group at the time of this writing.

Mehdi Abdesmad, DE

Unfortunately that wasn't a good time in comparison to the others at his position as he finished near the bottom of the pack at his position.