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2015 NFL Draft Open Thread: Day 2

Rounds 2 & 3 Tonight live from Chicago

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Day 1 of the NFL Draft is in the books. There wasn't much to speak about in terms of surprises. Marcus Mariota (or Marioto if you are Roger Goodell) ended up going to Tennessee. There weren't many major trades, and of course the Oakland Raiders drafted a wide receiver.

Tonight we may see the first Eagle drafted. Center Andy Gallik could be drafted in the third round, as he rated by most to be the second best center in the draft. However, center's are not rated highly on draft boards, and we may have to wait for Saturday for his name to be called. Best of luck to Gallik and all the other Eagles.

The 2nd night of the NFL draft will kick off at 7pm today. Teams will have 7 minutes to make their picks in Round 2, and then five minutes in round 3, which should help alleviate the snail's pace that the draft went last night. ESPN and the NFL Network both will be broadcasting the event, so take your choice, and remember Chris Berman is gone, so ESPN's remainging draft broadcasts will improve exponentially.

Leave your thoughts on the draft and selections below.