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Boston College Football Pro Day: Where Will The Eagles Land In The Draft?

Who is going to get drafted after BC holds their pro day?

BC Athletics

Under the bubble in Alumni Stadium, Boston College held their Pro Day for scouts from around the NFL. did a fine job breaking down the events, which works like a mini-combine. They do all the events of the combine, including the 40 yard dash, shuttle, and bench press. The event included the following Eagles: DL Seyi Adebayo, DB Manuel Asprilla, OL Seth Betancourt, TE/WR Josh Bordner, WR Jack Bramswig, DB Ty-Meer Brown, TE Jarrett Darmstatter, C Andy Gallik, LB Josh Keyes, DL Brian Mihalik, QB Tyler Murphy, WR Shakim Phillips, OL Ian Silberman, LB Steele Divitto, DB Sean Sylvia, OL Bobby Vardaro, OL Ian White, and DB Dominique Williams.

While it would be great if all the Eagles could find homes in the NFL, it's our job to be critical and project realistically where they would fall in the draft, or if they will be drafted at all. Here are my projections for the Eagles.

Andy Gallik - C - 3rd Round. Probably one of the top 2-3 centers in the draft, he will be a can't-miss prospect for the Eagles; unfortunately, this is a position that usually falls to the second day. Expect him to land around the same time that Bryan Stork was drafted by the Patriots last season.

Ian Silberman/Bobby Vardaro - Tackle - 6th/7th round. BC has done a solid job of cranking out offensive linemen, and with the way they played last year I have to imagine that he will get a look, like Matt Patchan did in 2014. Silberman's a huge body with decent technique, I'd love to see him get a flyer from an NFL team. Vardaro put together two good seasons in a row.

Seth Betancourt - Guard - 6th/7th round. Guards aren't as valued as tackles in the NFL, so his odds may be a little smaller than Silberman, but if did well at Pro Day he may get a shot.

Josh Keyes - LB - 6th/7th Round. The NFL loves speed, and that happens to be Keyes' strength. He showed glimpses of star power near the beginning of the season; mind you, he switched to the position from safety only two years ago. I think his speed will lead to an offer in the draft.

Brian Mihalik - DE - 7th round. It's hard to gauge if Mihalik's height will be a pro or con going into the draft. He showed last season that he can be a good pass rusher, but sometimes height can be a disadvantage for NFL defensive ends.

Josh Bordner - TE/WR - Undrafted Free Agent. Addazio said he put on 15 pounds of muscle since the end of the season. I love this kid's football acumen and dedication to the game, and his ability to pick up his position will be a plus in the pros. I could see him becoming a John Kuhn-esque full back or a blocking tight end.

Shakim Phillips - WR - Undrafted Free Agent. Underutilized in a running offense in 2014, he has shown glimpses of promise, and had a solid year with UConn. He has the talent and tools to be an NFL receiver, but will the NFL scouts see that?

Ty-Meer Brown - DB - Undrafted Free Agent. A big physical safety that can lay a heavy hit on receivers and running backs. He rehabbed nicely after a devastating injury at UConn that almost forced him to retire. His skill set is something that NFL teams value, but have to wonder if his checkered health history will be held against him.

Sean Sylvia - DB - Undrafted Free Agent. He does a lot of things well, but doesn't do anything spectacularly. Loved by his coaches, a good recommendation from Addazio may get him an invite to a pro camp.

Tyler Murphy - QB - Undrafted Free Agent. I don't beleive he will get a shot in the NFL as a QB; he doesn't have the skill set that they are looking for, and his style of running the option will get him killed by much speedier NFL linebackers. He does, however, have the speed to be an NFL wide receiver or running back. Will a team try to convert him to another position a la Denard Robinson/Julian Edelman? His speed is very tantalizing.

Manny Asprilla/Dominique Williams - DB - Undrafted Free Agent. Possibly BC's best CB last two seasons, pros have taken chances on DB's before with BC by inviting them to camp (Donnie Fletcher comes to mind). Probably the same fate awaits Asprilla. Williams has played all over the secondary for the Eagles. He might be worth a flyer to an NFL team.

Seyi Adebayo - DL - Undrafted Free Agent. When he came to BC as a graduate student transfer from Columbia I didn't expect much from him, but I was pleasantly surprised with what he contributed to the team in 2014. I wouldn't be surprised if an NFL team checks him out in camp.

Probably not going to get into an NFL camp this year: Steele Divitto, Jarrett Darmstatter, Jack Bramswig, Ian White.