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NFL Draft Day 2 Live Thread

Could we see some Eagles come off the board tonight?

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

The first round of the NFL Draft is a special kind of event.  It gets its own night, and 32 of the best athletes in the world get selected to be the cornerstone of the future of a franchise.  Hope springs eternal that someone might fix a problem, address a need, and, with the right moves and transactions, a team can break on through to the playoffs and the next level.

The first round is an event, but drafts are won and lost in the future rounds.  The second round and third round more often than not provide glimpses into the guys who become the solid, everyday players.  If first rounders are supposed to be cornerstones, then the guys picked in the middle rounds are guys who are destined to win games and championships.

This is where teams address their most pressing needs to upgrade over the future.

The second and third rounds of the draft kick off tonight at 7 PM EST on both the ESPN Networks and the NFL Network.  Unsurprisingly, no Eagles went in the first round.  But there are some names in play on the second day, as Andre Williams, Matt Patchan, and Kevin Pierre-Louis start to loom large.  Some of the things to look for, with some help from Brian's post earlier today:

-The New England Patriots drafted more BC players than any other franchise with 14.  Only one, though, has happened in the last decade, and it was a major swing-and-a-miss with Ron Brace in 2009.  That said, the Patriots have pressing needs at both the defensive and running back positions, putting KPL and possibly AW44 in play in the third round for them.

-Only three franchises have not chosen Eagles, and most are unlikely to take anyone tonight.  Houston and Jacksonville pick too high in the round to go after a BC guy in the second or third round, and the 33rd pick will almost assuredly deliver a quarterback to the Texans.  Word on the street is that the Texans are looking at Derek Carr from Fresno State (because the selection of David went so well), and if they decide against him, they're also working on a deal that would bring them Ryan Mallett from the New England Patriots.

-The Eagles have been shut out of only three drafts, one of which was last year.  Thanks Spaz.

Weigh in with your thoughts below, as the Draft continues from the City That Never Sleeps!