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Boston College Players in the NFL Draft: A History

A look back at the dudes selected in the modern-day NFL Draft.

Kevin C. Cox

Despite having its NFL Draft pick streak halted at seven last year -- the nadir of Spaz football? -- Boston College has a pretty solid track record when it comes to producing pro level talent. In fact, since the first modern day NFL Draft in 1967, the Eagles have only gone 0-for-NFL Draft on three occasions -- 1978, 2005 and 2013.

The Eagles will look to start a new NFL Draft streak of ONE this weekend as dudes like Andre Williams, Kevin Pierre-Louis and Matt Patchan wait for the call up to the bigs. With the second and third rounds set for tonight, let's take a look back at Boston College's history with the modern-day NFL Draft.

Since 1967, a total of 124 players have been drafted. Seventeen of those 124 players were first round picks (five of those 17 first round picks have been made in the last seven years). Of those 17 first round picks, five have been top 10 selections but just one -- QB Matt Ryan -- has been a top-five pick.

Some other interesting tidbits:

-- Probably shouldn't come as a surprise, but the local New England Patriots have drafted more Eagles in the modern-day NFL Draft than any other franchise (14). However, only one of those 14 picks has been made over the last decade (2009, Ron Brace). The Cowboys and Browns (9) tied for second on the list, while the Packers (8) and Dolpins (6) round out the top five.

-- Out of the 32 current NFL franchises, only three -- the Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars -- have never selected a Boston College Eagle. Twenty-nine different franchises have selected an Eagle, including the then Houston Oilers, now Tennessee Titans.

-- Boston College has had the most success in the Draft's first four rounds. Twenty players have been selected in the fourth round, the most of any NFL Draft round. The first round (17), second (14), sixth (11) and 11th (10), back when the draft went 11+ rounds, round out the top five.

-- Nine Boston College players were taken in the 1974 Draft, the largest Eagles haul of any modern-day NFL Draft. Eight players were selected in the 1977 Draft, while five were taken in the 1968 and 1985 Drafts. The last time more than three BC players were selected in the same draft was 1995 (Stephen Boyd, Mike Mamula, Pete Mitchell and Michael Reed).

-- Solidifying the program's reputation as O-Line-U, a total of 46 draftees classified as an offensive tackle (19), offensive guard (18) or center (9). That total represents over one-third (!) of all NFL Draft picks since 1967. Throw in 14 defensive linemen -- seven ends and seven tackles -- and a little less than half of all BC draft picks lined up in the trenches.

-- Position groups other that massive dudes on the line represented include linebackers (15), defensive backs (12) and running backs (12). Unsurprisingly, the position group least represented in the Draft is the wide receiver position (6); though the program has produced nine QBs and nine TEs.

-- Only one Eagles specialist has even been selected in the NFL Draft -- PK Fred Steinfort to Oakland with the 146th overall pick (fifth round) of the 1976 Draft. Let's all hope that #DraftFreese doubles that total before the weekend is up.