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2014 NFL Draft Profiles: DT Kaleb Ramsey

An oft injured defensive tackle, Ramsey had a killer combine, but will that be enough to get him into the NFL?

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Combine Numbers:

Bench Press: 36 reps (Top Performer)


Ramsey is a solid to above average pass rusher when he is on the field. He can read and react to plays quickly and his strength is a plus. In fact his strength was on display at the combine where he led all defensive linemen with 36 reps in the bench press. Most NFL draft folk believe that he has the physical composition to be drafted into the NFL.


As many BC fans have witnessed, Ramsey has struggled with injuries over the past six years. He seemingly always was knocked out for parts of the season. The hefty defensive tackle has missed games over the past for injuries to his head, hip, shoulder, foot, knee and calf, along with missing time for violation of team rules. NFL teams are certainly going to look at this with interest. Because of his injuries he's also older than most rookies, at 25 years old. He did a solid job at Boston College but he was never outstanding, and it seemed that he would disappear for portions of the game, something that will be clear to scouts watching film.

Teams that have had Ramsey in for private workouts or visit

New England Patriots

Team that would be the best fit

Dallas Cowboys. The Boys are in need of a defensive tackle or two, and have five picks in the final three rounds. With Ramsey slotted to go late in the draft (if drafted at all) I would expect him to go to a team like Dallas. However given his injury past and his run of the mill production during his college days, it wouldn't suprise me if teams wait until he is a free agent to take a look at him.

Projected Draft Round

7th/UDFA (most likely)