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GOAL BY GOAL: Union Advances To National Championship Over Boston College, 5-4

The season ends concludes


On days like today, we need to remind ourselves of how spoiled we are. That it's unreasonable to expect BC to win the national championship every other year. That every other team out there would trade our bar for 'success' for theirs in a heartbeat.

But it still doesn't dull the pain. Last night, the 2014 Boston College hockey season came to an end at the Frozen Four, courtesy of the Union Dutchmen, a Daniel Ciampini hat trick, and a score of 5-4.

We will have full post-mortem coverage this week, but wanted to get up the full goal-by-goal recap. We included Union's goals as well this time.

Boston College Goal #1 -- 2:08 of the 1st period
John Gaudreau (Kevin Hayes, Bill Arnold)

BC 1, Union 0

Is this the last goal we will see Johnny Gaudreau score in a BC uniform? We will find out in the next day or so, but it's kind of cool to see The GAH! Line get sent off with a 3-point goal in their last game together.

Union started the game off pretty strong but it was BC that got on the board first. Kevin Hayes actually loses the handle on the puck but manages to slap a shot on Union goalie Colin Stevens, who leaves the first of many juicy rebounds. This one sits right on the stick of Johnny Gaudreau who taps in the goal to put the Eagles on the board.

The first period was pretty even -- the second, not so much.

Union Goal #1 -- 2:39 of the 2nd period
Mat Bodie (Sebastien Gingras)

BC 1, Union 1

Union took total control for much of the second period, and capitalized on a blast from the top of the circle by Mat Bodie. A BC skater sells out for the block and that pretty much gives Bodie all day to line up a back-scratching beauty of a slapper that goes right into the corner of the net to tie up the game.

There was more where that came from.

Union Goal #2 -- 10:45 of the 2nd period
Daniel Ciampini (Shayne Gostisbehere, Daniel Carr)

BC 1, Union 2

Thatcher Demko had a pretty good night, but unfortunately this goal is on him. Gostisbehere's shot was going way over the net and Demko's attempted glove save only turns into disaster. The puck drops out behind him and Ciampini pots the first of his three goals.

Boston College Goal #2 -- 15:53 of the 2nd period
Steve Santini (Chris Calnan, Adam Gilmour)

BC 2, Union 2

Things were looking pretty bleak in this period, until Steve Santini answered with an absolute laserbeam -- almost a carbon copy of Bodie's goal earlier -- to tie the score up at 2. It was completely against the run of play, and it sent BC into the locker room tied at 2, and feeling good about the score given how badly the second period had been going.

Unfortunately, this was as close as BC would get to tasting victory.

Union Goal #3 (PPG) -- 6:31 of the 3rd period
Daniel Ciampini (Shayne Gostisbehere, Mike Vecchione)

BC 2, Union 3

Oh, what a tip by Ciampini on this goal. This shot is going low and Ciampini gets a solid piece of this cannon shot to tip it right over Demko's shoulder.

Union would never relinquish the lead. But from this point on, the game fit pretty well with the "experience vs. youth" narrative. The Eagles never gave themselves a true chance at a comeback because of their own mistakes.

Union Goal #4 -- 11:53 of the 3rd period
Mike Vecchione (Kevin Sullivan)

BC 2, Union 4

Santini has been one of the team's strengths all year, so it's unfortunate that it's his mistake that really puts the game out of reach. There were quite a few questionable passes that almost resulted in total disaster, and it finally burned them.

Demko makes a spectacular save but both MacLeod and Santini follow Sullivan behind the goal line. Huge mistake. No one picks up Vecchione -- and I mean no one, holy hell -- and he has an entire net to shoot at. 4-2.

But it wouldn't be a BC loss without the patented BC Tease.

Boston College Goal #3 -- 18:15 of the 3rd period
Ryan Fitzgerald (Michael Matheson, Johnny Gaudreau)

BC 3, Union 4

Ah, hope! Nice intentionally wide shot, which was probably intended to be deflected off of Fitzgerald and right in, but the Union defenseman slows the puck down with his skate, giving Fitzgerald time slip the puck just past Stevens.

But it was not to be.

Union Goal #5 (ENG, GWG, Hat Trick Goal) -- 18:51 of the 3rd period
Daniel Ciampini (Mat Bodie)

BC 3, Union 5

How could you even allow this to happen if you're BC? I get that you're selling out for the goal and probably pinching in at much as possible, but this is a pretty gut-wrenching way to give up the empty netter that finishes off your season.

BC got one last goal, because of course they did.

Boston College Goal #4 (EAG, PPG) -- 19:55 of the 3rd period
Patrick Brown (Johnny Gaudreau, Kevin Hayes)

BC 4, Union 5 -- FINAL

Stevens' only real softie of the night -- I'm sure he was already planning where he was going to have a celebratory cheesesteak -- gives BC one last Hail Mary at tying the game.

What was crazy about the ensuing play was that everyone knew who was getting the puck, and Johnny Gaudreau still managed to get through a crowd of people and get off a decent shot. But Stevens made the save, and Union went off to celebrate.

And just like that, the season is over. We now await Johnny Watch, and look ahead to his Hobey ceremony. But we'll have a more detailed game breakdown later this week.

Ugh. The offseason is just the worst..