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Minnesota Favored To Win Frozen Four

Vegas says it's Gophers over Eagles in National Championship game.

Gambling odds-makers Bovada installed Minnesota as the odds-on favorite to win the national championship this weekend.  The Gophers are the #1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament and will face North Dakota in the second game of the Frozen Four tonight in Philadelphia.  Minnesota is going off this weekend as 3/2 favorites.

Boston College is the second-favored team at 7/4 odds, with Union third at 11/4 and 10/3 odds for North Dakota.  UND is the long shot for those of you keeping score at home.  In terms of BC, an Eagle national championship would pay out roughly $1.75 per each dollar bet.  Therefore, a $100 bet on Boston College would yield a payout of $175, a profit of $75.

You know - if gambling were legal in Massachusetts, at least.

In terms of individual games, BC is -160 with Union +120, and Minnesota is -210 with North Dakota +120 in their matchup later today.  That translates to 5/8 odds for BC to defeat Union and 10/21 odds for Minnesota to defeat North Dakota.  Conversely, a Union victory holds roughly 6/5 odds and a North Dakota victory holds about 8/5 odds.

Translation: it would take a $160 bet on BC to make $100, and a $100 bet on Union would pay out $120.

In terms of over/under, both games are going off with the same line - 5 1/2 goals per game.