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BANTER EXTRA: Has Johnny Gaudreau Locked Up The Hobey?

In this special edition of the Banter, we discuss and debate whether or not Gaudreau has locked up the Hobey Baker award.

Joseph Gravellese: When you and I began discussing a few weeks ago what might be a good topic for the inevitable #Octofinals bye week, we thought "Has Gaudreau locked up the Hobey?" would be a nice starting point.

Of course, in those few weeks since we schemed up the topic he's only really moved ever-closer to locking the thing up. Is this going to be the shortest Banter ever? Is the answer simply "Yes, 100%?"

Grant Salzano: Yes. 100%.

Check back in next week's banter where we go over the #Octofinals results, and look ahead to the next installment of Trophy Season. Go Eagles!