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Johnny Hockey Update: Bucci Shows Some Love

ESPN's John Buccigross rocked a Johnny Hockey shirt on


Sportcenter's John Buccigross showed Johnny Gaudreau some serious love by rocking our own Johnny Hockey shirt in a segment of his "vlogumn" on Sunday:

Awesome right?

Buccigross has been on the bandwagon for a while now, first tweeting out a picture of his Gaudreaubey Baker shirt, and now showing off his Johnny Hockey threads for a full ESPN segment.

As far as Gaudreau's Hobey Hopes go -- they've obviously taken a bit of a hit with his recent scoring slump. But as we pointed out a couple weeks ago, he's still in a decent position if he can carry BC deep into the playoffs.

The Hobey Baker award consists of two votes: The first vote to get into the final ten, and then the final vote to determine the winner. The Hobey Hat Trick, the three finalists, are announced after the final vote and before the announcement of the winner.

The first vote is fast approaching. Last year the final ten were announced on March 15th. Gaudreau will certainly be in the final ten -- that's not much of a concern. And indeed, he currently sits in second place in the fan voting behind North Dakota's resident underage alcohol provider Corban Knight.

Once the final ten are announced, it will really be time to go. Gaudreau will need to make his closing statement in the form of carrying BC deep into the Hockey East tournament (ideally to the title). And that will likely be enough to win him the hardware.

Of course, a little BucciHype can't hurt, either.