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Johnny Hockey Named Hobey Baker Award Finalist

Vote for Gaudreaubey Baker!


Let the race begin.

Johnny Gaudreau was named one of the ten finalists for the Hobey Baker award. Gaudreau is the only representative from Hockey East on the list. The WCHA led the field with 4 selections, the ECAC second with 3, and the AHA, CCHA, and Hockey East had 1 each.

The ten finalists were as follows (in alphabetical order):

Greg Carey, Junior forward from St. Lawrence University
Carsen Chubak, Junior goaltender from Niagara University
Austin Czarnik, Sophomore forward from Miami University
Kyle Flanagan, Senior forward from Sr. Lawrence University
Johnny Gaudreau, Sophomore forward from Boston College
Eric Hartzell, Senior goaltender from Quinnipiac University
Corban Knight, Senior forward from the University of North Dakota
Danny Kristo, Senior forward from the University of North Dakota
Drew LeBlanc, Senior forward from St. Cloud State University
Ryan Walters, Junior forward from the University of Nebraska Omaha

From Gaudreau's perspective... this is about as good a situation as he can get. Gaudreau gets all of the the attention from the east, he won't split any votes with Stephen Whitney, and Knight and Kristo are both on the list and will almost certainly split some votes.

Your next task, Eagle Nation, is to head on over to the Hobey Baker website and put in your vote for Johnny Gaudreau. These votes count toward the eventual winner. The fan vote counts 1% toward the final vote. No, not a huge amount, but they count nonetheless. You can vote every day, from your computer, smart phone, work computer, etc.

The next thing you need to do is pick up your Gaudreaubey Baker and Johnny Hockey shirts! You're running out of time to get your shirt in time for the Hobey Awards ceremony. What are you waiting for?! Don't forget, all proceeds from the sale of the shirts go to the Boston College Campus School.

Still some hockey to be played, but it appears Gaudreau has solidified himself as a front-runner for the award. Vote for Johnny!