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Boston College Hockey Recruiting: Connor Moore Commits To The Eagles

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The rich get richer as Jerry York adds defenseman Connor Moore to the 2016 recruiting class.


Christmas came early for Sir Jerry York and the Eagles as Georgia defenseman Connor Moore committed to Boston College on Tuesday.

The 1997-born defenseman, originally from Cumming, Georgia (#ACCHockey recruiting pipeline FTW), is in his second season playing at Brooks School, a prep school in North Andover. Moore and the Brooks School will face BB&N on Wednesday, January 8 as part of Frozen Fenway. Moore was reportedly being recruited by New Hampshire and Providence.

Scouting report from Brooks School coach Dave Ries:

"Connor has a great work ethic and skill set. He's dynamic offensively and capable of taking over the game any time he has the puck. He has a good stick, great vision and can really shoot it. Connor's skating ability allows him to lead or join the rush effectively, and to recover quickly if the puck is turned over

He has always had the offensive side, but has really come a long way defensively since coming to Brooks. He's a powerful kid who plays with an edge and is our go-to guy in all situations."

Moore joins defenseman Casey Fitzgerald and forwards Graham McPhee and Colin White as recruits expected to join the program for 2016-17.

Welcome to the Heights, Connor!