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BREAKING: Men's Hockey Head Coach Jerry York Signs Contract Extension Through 2019-2020 Season

The greatest coach in the history of collegiate ice hockey is HAHAHAHA SORRY EVERYONE ELSE

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

In a surprise announcement this afternoon, Boston College announced that Coach Jerry York, the winningest coach in college hockey history and all-around dapper sweater-vest-wearing gentleman, has signed a contract extension through the 2019-2020 season.

Any worries BC fans may have had about whether or not Coach York would be hanging up his skates anytime soon, or even concerns about his health, can safely be put aside for now. That's at least an additional six seasons from now that we'll have a legend behind the bench.

Let's take a look at the reaction from the Heights...


This came out of nowhere, really. With Jack Parker stepping down and York's eye issues and subsequent complications, there were more than a few whispers that Jerry York may have been nearing the end of his coaching years. And who would have been able to blame him?

Instead, BC fans get to relax a bit. The future is bright.

*Dap* to AD Brad Bates for locking up Coach to this extension. It's the easiest decision he could have possibly made, but nice work getting it done and getting York to sign on. With the head coaching position now fully endowed, hopefully Coach is getting *paid.*

Sir Jerry of York has 939 career wins going into the weekend, and is on pace to blow past the 1,000 win mark with years to spare. Rejoice, Eagle Nation!