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Eastern Bias Hockey Podcast Previews the Quarterfinals

Episode #25 available now.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

On this week's Eastern Bias podcast, Joe Gravellese from BC Interruption and Shep Hayes from Bloggin' on Babcock wrap up the #octofinals and look ahead to the next round of the playoffs.

They eulogize the teams that lost, saying goodbye to season-long whipping boys Northeastern and UMass; bidding adieu to a mediocre Maine season; and firing off one final salute to #icebus. They also look forward to this weekend's quarterfinal match-ups, and wonder which favored team is most likely to fall. There is even mention of advanced stats! And mispronunciation of players' names, as usual.

Follow the show on Twitter: @easternbias, and the hosts at @blogginbabcock and @joegrav. E-mail questions and thoughts to You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes and check out all past episodes on Podbean, in case you want to go back and listen to how wrong our predictions have been all season long.

Listen to this week's episode below: