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#1 Florida State Vs. #2 Auburn: BCS National Championship Game Open Thread

ACC titan FSU faces off against the team of destiny

Kevork Djansezian

Tonight the long journey to crown the national championship will end, and with it will also end the era of the BCS. In one corner you have undefeated Florida State, led by the Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston. In the other, the team of destiny Auburn, who's path to this game was filled with magical and improbable moments.

Who will win the coveted glass football?

This is a huge game not only for the teams involved but also the conferences represented. For one, the ACC, a conference that has been mocked for the better part of a decade, has an opportunity to stick it to the SEC. For years the ACC has been the little brother to the SEC, as we have all had to sit by and watch the Alabama/Florida/LSU's win the big games while the ACC's best watches from the sideline. Shortly, Florida State can help the conference's profile with a win over Auburn, just days after Clemson defeated Ohio State in the Orange Bowl.

How would an FSU win help Boston College? If the Noles go out and spank Auburn, that would give Boston College the honor of being the team that came closest to beating the National champions. It's a moral victory, but against a juggernaut like FSU, and only a year removed from 2-10, it would be something to sell to recruits. Speaking of recruits, if FSU can defeat Auburn it will raise the profile of the ACC which could assist other schools on the recruiting trail. A National Title, along with basically every other position award, should raise the stock of the ACC, and bring us in a higher regard with recruits.

But the game must be played first. Leave your thoughts and predictions in the comments, and as much as it hurts to say it "GO NOLES!"