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Eagles In The Pros: Johnny for Calder

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Here's why Johnny should win the Calder.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL Awards air on June 24, and BC favorite Johnny Gaudreau is nominated for the Calder Trophy. The Calder Memorial Trophy is given annually to the most proficient player in his first year of the NHL. This year's other nominees are Aaron Ekblad and Mark Stone.

In his first NHL season (besides the one game he played in the 2013-14 season), Gaudreau played 80 regular season games and 11 playoff games. Gaudreau was second on the Flames in points (64) during the regular season, and first on the team in the playoffs (9 points). Gaudreau's 64 regular season points matched NHL stars such as Patrick Kane and Anze Kopitar

Gaudreau was second on the Flames in goals during the regular season with 24 (Hudler and Monahan both had 31). In the Playoffs he and Hudler led the team with 4 goals each. Gaudreau's 24 goals put him at 48th in the NHL. Gaudreau was third in assists on the Flames during the regular season (40) and tied for second during the playoffs (5). He was 35th in assists in the NHL. Gaudreau maintained an 11 +/- throughout the regular season and was responsible for four game winning goals. 

Mark Stone tied Gaudreau with 64 points this season, while Ekblad had 39 points. Stone scored more goals than Gaudreau (26), but Gaudreau led him in assists - Stone had 38 to Gaudreau's 40. Ekblad had 12 goals and 27 assists, but as a defenseman he isn't expected to score as much as Gaudreau and Stone. 

Many were surprised by the fact that Gaudreau got through the season without injury, but BC fans weren't surprised that his speed and ability to sneak through opposing players kept him from getting hurt.

With Gaudreau's offensive productivity, speed, and innate hockey sense, along with the Flames surprisingly successful season, we think he should absolutely win the Calder.