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With Tampa's Win Last Night, An Eagle Will Play For the Stanley Cup Again

Thanks, Tampa!

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

As if the Montreal Canadiens being knocked out of the playoffs wasn't good enough just on its own, last night's 4-1 win by the Tampa Bay Lightning guaranteed that once again, a Boston College hockey alum will play for the Stanley Cup. Tonight's Game 7 between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers will determine whether it will be Brooks Orpik or Chris Kreider and Kevin Hayes going up against Brian Boyle and the Lightning.

This continues an impressive trend for the Sons of York, NHL lockout:

2014 - 2: Chris Kreider and Brian Boyle of the New York Rangers took on the Los Angeles Kings in a losing effort.

2013 - 1: Ben Smith won a Stanley Cup ring for the Chicago Blackhawks against the Boston Bruins.

2012 - 3: Rob Scuderi won his second ring, defeating Stephen Gionta and Peter Harrold of the New Jersey Devils

2011 - 1: Andrew Alberts made the final with the Vancouver Canucks

2010 - None

2009 - 2: Two Eagles won the Cup, Rob Scuderi and Brooks Orpik, for the Pittsburgh Penguins in their victory over the Detroit Red Wings

2008 - 2: Orpik and Scuderi made it in Pittsburgh's losing effort.

2007 - 2: Pat Eaves of Ottawa took on Ryan Shannon of Anaheim, with Shannon taking home a ring

2006 - 1: Marty Reasoner was a finalist with the Edmonton Oilers, who lost to Carolina

There hasn't been too much to cheer about in Boston College athletics this year, but this is something to raise a glass to. The number of Eagles who have made it to the Super Bowl and to the Stanley Cup finals in recent years is something to be proud of, and demonstrates how many excellent pros have come out of BC. Congrats to Brian Boyle on punching his ticket to the Eastern Conference Finals.