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Kenzie Kent and Toni Ann Miano join Katie Burt as Eagles Taken In The 2017 NWHL Draft

Two Eagles in the first round

FloHockey: Women's Ice Hockey-Quinnipiac at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Last night’s 20 player NWHL draft had solid Boston College representation as two-sport superstar Kenzie Kent and standout defenseman Toni Ann Miano joined Katie Burt as Eagles taken in the 2017 NWHL Draft.

Katie Burt was taken #1 overall by the Boston Pride — the first time a goaltender was the top draft pick and the only goaltender taken at all in this year’s draft — and Kenzie Kent joined her shortly thereafter as the 4th overall pick in the 1st round, also to the Pride.

Later, Toni Ann Miano joined the party as she was drafted 15th overall in the 4th round by the New York Riveters.

Here’s a look at the full NWHL Draft results, taken from the league website:


Fortunately the league drafts players after their junior year of college, so we have one more year of these three stars playing on the Heights. Congratulations to all three Eagles on being drafted!