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Georgia Tech 37, Boston College 17: There Is No Defense

The Boston College Eagles fell to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 37-17 on Saturday afternoon as the program sinks further into irrelevance under Coach Frank Spaziani.


I appreciate the fight in the second half. It's clear that the players are still playing hard despite being severely overmatched, under prepared and out coached.

That said, there is no defense left for coach Frank Spaziani. This team came out flat in the first half and the D gave up third down conversion after third down conversion. At one point in the first half, the Yellow Jackets converted seven straight third down opportunities, including:

-- 3rd and 7 - Tevin Washington rush for 11 yards to the GTech 40
-- 3rd and 9 - Tevin Washington pass complete to Zach Laskey for 11 yards to the BC 32
-- 3rd and 5 - Tevin Washington rush for 12 yards for a TOUCHDOWN
-- 3rd and 26 - Tevin Washington pass complete to B.J. Bostic for 27 yards to the BC 10
-- 3rd and Goal - Tevin Washington rush for 1 yard for a TOUCHDOWN
-- 3rd and 2 - Vad Lee rush for 2 yards to the BC 34
-- 3rd and 11 - Vad Lee rush for 24 yards for a TOUCHDOWN

That doesn't include a third and 8 that went for 39 yards. The Yellow Jackets offense managed to hold onto the ball for 43:37. Out of 60 minutes. The defense simply could not get off the field. As a unit, the Eagles defense conceded 563 total yards, 391 on the ground and 172 through the air. You wouldn't believe me if I told you that this team faced a triple option offense just two weeks ago.

Both lines are in shambles. Boston College running backs carried the ball 16 times for 32 yards (2.0 yards per carry) while the defense got no push on the Yellow Jackets offensive line.

Boston College's new Athletic Director Brad Bates was on-hand to watch the first half of this game before flying back to Boston to join the National Champions raise the banner. He officially starts on Monday. Hopefully he saw all he needed to see to put an end to this misery.

Firing Spaziani now won't make the defense appreciably better. It might not improve the end results at all. Still, do it for the players. Give guys like Colin Larmond Jr., whose "(in)justice was swift," or Rolandan Finch "who we won't see," a chance. Give the players hope by putting the best 11 guys on the field. There is no legitimate reason to keep Spaz any longer at this point.

Let the rebuilding process begin now. Don't wait. The longer this drags on, the more fans this program will lose, the longer the road back to ... respectability?