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Boston College Vs. Florida State: Playing The "No Respect" Card? And The Big Finish

Thoughts on the Boston College football players playing the "no respect" card? Will this be an advantage for the Eagles this weekend or is this just all talk?

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Brian: On Thursday, there was not one but two stories about the Boston College football team feeling a lack of respect heading into tomorrow's game against Florida State.

"I think their mind-set is, OK, we were these big-time recruits, they're much more talented than us, we don't belong on the field with them," said BC linebacker Nick Clancy. "And I think that's kind of been the mentality for not just Florida State but a number of teams in the ACC when they face BC.

"They think that we're much less talented. But when it comes down to it, we're just different types of people. We're blue-collar people. We have a very strong work ethic, we know when adversity's thrown in our face what to do and how to respond, and I think that's what separates us."

"The fact right now is that we're 1-4," Divitto said. "Do they respect us in some aspects? Yes. But I don't think many teams do respect us, unfortunately. But that's just because of who we are.

"When we get everything turned around, that'll be a different story. But as of right now, they know that they're going to play a tough, physical team but they're not going to have respect for us."

Clancy claims the Seminoles offense will essentially run three plays and won't mix it up because they don't need to.

"That's what we're preparing for this week, is them running their bread and butter, and they think they're going to beat us with it," Clancy said. "They don't respect us, they don't respect BC, and in the past we've surprised them."

Not sure where the "no respect" card comes into play and these comments seem a little off. BC's defense just got torched for 516 yards on the ground and 596 in total, an Army school record vs. a Division I-A program (a football history that goes back to 1890). The Seminoles might not respect BC but nothing has been said from the other side to incite these comments. That said, I get trying to hype up your teammates and get amped for this weekend's football game. It seems like the players aren't getting any of that from the coaching staff.

Your thoughts on the players playing the "no respect" card? Will this be an advantage for the Eagles this weekend or is this just all talk?

Jeff: This game was played on Thursday night at BC last season and the commentators and Florida State fans blew up Twitter noting that BC players seemed to be jawing an awful lot -- particularly given that they were getting beat fairly substantially on the scoreboard almost the entire game. Leading into this game, giving FSU some bulletin board material is really the last thing that I wanted to see happen.

This is how Clancy's comments have been twisted and while I know that he was strictly referring to how FSU players are rated and recruited before they get to school versus how BC players typically are. I can't fault FSU fans for pointing out that it's not typically the Boston College players who are coming from the tougher backgrounds and had to work their way into going to college. For many college athletes out there, football is their only way to get into and graduate from schools like BC and Florida State. Nick Clancy though has never come across as a guy who would never have attended college without a football scholarship.

I really hope that the players can back up some of their comments this week with a nice performance on the field this weekend. I think just playing FSU within one score would prove their point but it's going to take them playing by far their best game of the season to even have a chance to win or tie going into their final possession. I would have rather seen only quotes from players more to the effect of 'FSU is a real good team and their coming off a tough loss so they'll be hungry and we're going to have to play our best to get a win on the road.'

Big Finish

Brian: The Coastal Division is a mess. Two big games this weekend. Duke-Virginia Tech and North Carolina-Miami. Who's your pick right now to win the Coastal?

Jeff: I think I'm picking Miami who is already 3-0 in conference.

Jeff: ATL refers to the "mutiny whispers" within the program, while Brad Bates said Spaz's job is safe until the end of the season. Is there any margin of defeat that changes our Head Coach next week or is Spaz completely safe until after our next home game?

Brian: The only thing that will force Dr. Bates hand is if some of the players or families come to him and demand Spaz get canned before the season's out.

Brian: HD is calling for a 42-17 Seminoles victory a week after correctly calling for the Army upset over BC. Does BC beat the spread by more than 1.5?

Jeff: I hope to see a close game but I'm not putting money on the fact that I will.

Jeff: Do you feel that the tackling totals that individuals are amassing this season take away from Kuechly's accomplishments?

Brian: Not at all. If anything, it even further solidifies Kuechly's accomplishments over the last three seasons. Look at the distance between Kuechly and the second most prolific tackler on the team last year (KPL). This year, we have four guys in the top 25 in the nation. That's more a product of number of snaps played than anything else.

Brian: After falling to 2-3-1 in the early season, BC men's soccer is unbeaten in its last six games. Did you give up on the other football team too soon?

Jeff: Perhaps, I'm glad to see they bounced back.

Jeff: I'm looking ahead to Georgia Tech hoping there's a chance for victory in Atlanta for our team since they had to fire a coach this week. But does Georgia Tech's bye week leading up to our game negate that turmoil?

Brian: If things do as well as we think they are going to go this weekend, Georgia Tech's extra rest won't be a factor next weekend.

Brian: Last one. The defending National Champion men's hockey team starts the season on the road at Northeastern. Does BC make it 20 in a row?

Jeff: Losing to Northeastern would not be the way to start this year's season and the team should be able to get the victory for 20 straight.

Pick 5

Brian (2-3 last week, 15-15 overall):

UAB Blazers (+13.5) at Houston Cougars
Alabama Crimson Tide (-21) at Missouri Tigers
Oklahoma St. Cowboys at Kansas Jayhawks (+27.5)
Boston College Eagles (+27.5) at Florida St. Seminoles -- I'm such a fool
Florida Gators (-8.5) at Vanderbilt Commodores

Jeff (2-3 last week, 10-20 overall):

Duke Blue Devils (+10) at Virginia Tech Hokies
North Carolina Tar Heels at Miami Hurricanes (+8)
Maryland Terrapins at Virginia Cavaliers (-1.5)
Northwestern Wildcats (-3.5) at Minnesota Golden Gophers
Texas A&M Aggies at Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (+7.5)

ATL (0-1 last week, 1-5 overall):