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Boston Marathon Postponed to September 14th

The newest disruption is at least a postponement

118th Boston Marathon Photo by Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The disruptions keep rolling in, though we actually have a postponement instead of a cancellation this time around. The Boston Globe is reporting that the Boston Marathon will be rescheduled from April 20th to September 14th.

This won’t be good news to seniors who look forward to lining Commonwealth Avenue along the edge of Boston College the begin the final month of their college careers, but the rest of the students should be pleased to find out that the marathon is both on and rescheduled to still be during the school year — even if the rest of this year is done with remote classes.

With “Heartbreak Hill” at the top of Commonwealth Avenue leading runners to the Heights at Boston College, this is pretty big news for BC students. It’s nice to see that the full event will still be run, especially when having a “limited running” with only elite runners was probably a possibility, and worse, with no students on campus.

We’ll continue to post news as we get it.