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USC Has Interest In BC’s Martin Jarmond As New Director Of Athletics, Per Report

MJ was one of a few names floated

Boston College Athletic Director Martin Jarmond... Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

USC (the Southern California one) announced today via their school president that athletic director Lynn Swann has resigned effective immediately. Normally this isn’t anything we here on the east coast would care about, except that the news has prompted a BC mention in the Twitterverse.

According to Yahoo’s Pete Thamel, USC "will be or has been interested" in Boston College Director of Athletics Martin Jarmond as a candidate for the position:

Obviously things are very early in the process over at USC, but Thamel does report that the Trojans have been sending out some feelers to some candidates for a while as this move was expected.

One would expect that USC would be interested in Jarmond for all the reasons that BC was — he was very well respected as deputy AD at Ohio State, so he knows all about the rigors of big time college athletics. He’s the youngest AD at a Power 5 school, so he brings a great energy that BC fans are certainly proud of.

And I mean, honestly, the man’s got style:

Obviously it would be devastating to lose such a great face of BC Athletics should Jarmond get hired away to Los Angeles, but it’s a testament to how well respected and in demand he is to be talked about so early on in the process for a monster program such as USC. Hopefully “just an early feeler” is where this stays and Jarmond doesn’t have any decisions to make on his future, but nonetheless it’s obvious that the Eagles have a Director of Athletics that the rest of the country has their eye on.