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Boston College GIF of the Year: Quarterfinals, Matchup #1

GIF it all you’ve got

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve struggled through the first few months of the college sports offseason, and your patience has been rewarded. Welcome, fellow Eaglets, to our 7th annual BC Interruption GIF of the Year Tournament!

“The Year That Was” in BC athletics in 2018-2019 wasn’t that great! As such, we have a smaller tournament than in years past, with eight GIFs “advancing” straight to the quarterfinals with an octofinals bye. Good for them! They’ve earned it.

It should be a fun couple weeks of voting — and your votes alone will determine which GIFs advance to the championship. This is not a responsibility you should take lightly.

A few notes:

  • The tournament will run Monday through Thursday each week until a champion is crowned, with each matchup dropping at 12:00 PM (EDT) each day. This is a new time this year — matchups were dropped at 9am in the past.
  • We will unveil one matchup per day.
  • Voting will close 23.5 hours after the original post, which means that Thursday matchups will end at 11:30 AM (EDT) on Friday even though there won’t be another matchup until Monday. Why 23.5 hours? I need some time to prepare the next post!
  • A word on stuffing the ballot: DBaD. Voting from more than one device is fine. Voting 1000x on one computer is not fine. You know who you are. Please heed this advice. It’s a problem every single year. I know this is The Most Important Thing On The Internet, but if your favorite GIF isn’t winning, well, sorry, I know that must be hard for you. This season we’ll be using the same voting platform as last year that largely eliminated stuffing the ballot. Still, just don’t try it.
  • The matchups were set up randomly, FA Cup style, with no seeding.
  • Entrants were taken from the Nominations post from last week, with others selected by our crack team of certified GIFologists (me). The only requirement for entry was that the GIF has to be at least tangentially related to BC.
  • The voting criteria is literally anything you want it to be.

And that’s pretty much it. So without further ado, let’s get started with our first matchup of the year!

Dillon Can’t Be Stopped

AJ Dillon had his share of awesome runs this year, but there aren’t many that are likely to top this beauty from BC’s win over Miami. Dillon’s in big trouble going east-west trying to get to the edge, but he’s swarmed and this play is dead. That is, until the manimal makes a couple cuts to get free and manages to turn a loss into a massive 20 yard gain, almost finding his way into the end zone. We are truly #blessed to get to watch this man play football again soon.

Bowman’s Impossible 3

Men’s Baskeball didn’t have a terrible start to the year, and Ky Bowman gave all of us a great moment in ACC play against Wake Forest. With the game tied at 61 late and the shot clock running out, Bowman forced his way through two Deac defenders to put up a total prayer at the shot clock buzzer that hit nothing but net on the way through. The Eagles would get the stop at the other end, given the Eagles the ACC win.

Here’s your first look at the bracket. The rest of the matchups will be released over the rest of this week.

So, the 2019 GIF of the Year tournament is underway! Who do you have as the first GIF to advance to the semifinals? Make your vote now!

Note that if you are viewing the AMP version of this page, the poll won’t show. Click here for a link to the full version of the article with voting buttons.