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Boston College GIF of the Year: BEST OF THE BEST

Choosy moms choose GIF

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Stop the fight!

There can be no doubt: AJ Dillon’s Truck Stick reigns supreme as The Greatest GIF Of All Time Of 2018! Truck Stick is this year’s champion thanks to an 85-15 win over Breaking Ankles, by far the closest matchup Truck Stick faced in this tournament.

In the six years that we’ve been running this tournament, we have never seen an entry so comprehensively manhandle its opposition like Truck Stick has this year — which definitely makes sense, given the subject matter presented in the GIF itself. So congratulations to AJ Dillon for picking up what is arguably the most important championship crown anyone can ever earn: a BCI GotY title!

Here’s a link to the tournament hub where you can look back on your favorite matchups of the past year, as well as one last look at the final, completed bracket:

But BCI GotY diehards know that we aren’t done just yet, baby birds. We now have to have our annual tournament-ending throwdown to determine which GIF will remain in GotY immortality for another year as the BEST OF THE BEST.

Let’s hit it.

2018 Tournament Winner: Truck Stick

Truck Stick was a BC moment for the ages, and there is no doubt that it is the Greatest GIF Of All Time Of 2018. But, the question being asked is: Is Truck Stick the Greatest GIF Of All Time Ever?

2012 Tournament Winner: The Goal

As we’ve pointed out before, Gaudreau’s goal to clinch the 2012 NCAA championship was not part of a tournament — we started this series in 2013, and determined that The Goal was 2012 champion by acclamation. But since that first tournament in 2013, no one’s been able to take down Johnny Gaudreau as all-time GIF champion. We always knew that it would take something special to beat this moment. Will Truck Stick be able to take down The Goal and make history?

As always, you will have 23.5 hours to vote, with the 2018 BEST OF THE BEST ballot closing at 8:30am EDT on Friday.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual BC GIF of the Year tournament! We really enjoy putting it together, and hope you enjoyed it as well. It’s a great way to look back on the best moments of the past Boston College season as we work our way through the summer doldrums.

The 2018-2019 academic year is almost upon us, so here’s hoping we get a great year of Boston College moments for next year’s tournament!


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