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The 2018 Boston College GIF Of The Year Tournament: Nominations

It’s that time of year!

John Quackenbos, BC Athletics

We’re deep into the dog days of the offseason, which is bad. But that means we’ve also reached everyone’s favorite annual BCI series, the BC Interruption GIF of the Year tournament... which is good!

The 6th (!!) annual BCI GotY tournament promises to be a great one, as BC sports in the 2017-2018 academic year were actually good and entertaining on a level we haven’t seen in quite a while. Who will win the coveted championship of the UNDISPUTED GREATEST POST SERIES ON THE INTERWEBS? And will we have a new Best Of The Best winner for the first time in GotY history? You will soon get to decide the answers to those questions!

Let’s check in on the reigning GIF of the Year Champion from 2017:

Caitrin Orr

Caitrin Lonergan’s Wonder Woman goal against UConn took down a Kenzie Kent highlight reel in the 2017 championship, which featured an all-women’s sports final four. Caitrin’s wonder-goal was a worthy champion, but it wasn’t quite enough to take down 2012’s* The Goal as the Greatest GIF Of All Time.

*There was no tournament held in 2012. Johnny Gaudreau’s goal was declared the winner by acclamation and has won the vote for Best of the Best every year since.

Is there a better contender this year? Well, that’s where you all come in, baby birds. As always, we’re seeking your help to fill the tournament field with GIF nominations. We’ll need at least 16 for our tournament, so it’s up to you to identify your favorite plays, moments, and GIFs from the year that was in Boston College.

We have four simple rules:

1) The GIF must have something to do with Boston College. It does not necessarily have to be athletics related, and the connection to BC can be fairly loose. Former Eagles in the pros are eligible. BC coaches are eligible. BC professors are eligible. Anything related to BC is eligible.

2) The GIF must be from the past academic year (2017-2018).

3) With the evolution of The Internet and there being more (and sometimes better) formats to store moving pictures than there used to be, entries don’t have to be in .GIF format. In order to qualify, any entry must (a) loop and (b) have no audio. Besides that, format doesn’t really matter.



Nominations will be accepted until the tournament kicks off a week from today on Monday, July 16th. If you have any nominations that do not meet rule #3 (such as a Vine or a Twitter video), but can be converted so that they do, I’ll do the conversion for you because I’m a nice guy.

WOW. Have you ever been more excited for literally anything in the world than you are about this year’s GIF of the Year tournament? Surely not.

Remember, don’t assume that your pick is obvious or will be nominated by someone else — speak up and get your nominations in!