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Boston College GIF of the Year: Quarterfinals, Matchup #2

The GIF’ing Tree

Virginia Tech v Boston College Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Welcome to matchup number two of the GIF of the Year quarterfinals!

Our first quarterfinals matchup was far and away the closest vote we’ve had yet in the tournament. Smith’s Trickery To White eeked out a narrow 51-49 victory over Hey We Beat Duke in a matchup that came down to the wire.

Which GIF will join them in the semifinal?

Breaking Ankles

Sam Apuzzo’s game-winning goal against #1 Maryland in the NCAA semifinals was one of the best of the year. Her embarrassment of that Terrapin upended The Duke Dagger by a strong 65-35 margin.

Watts Is Electric

Arguably Daryl Watts’ best goal of the year in a season that was one big highlight reel joins Apuzzo after another great lacrosse GIF in the octofinals. She took down Arsenault Gets Fancy in a close 55-45 vote.

Here’s your updated bracket:

As always, you have until 8:30am tomorrow (Wednesday) to cast your ballot!


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