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Boston College GIF of the Year: Octofinals, Matchup #8

Don’t look a GIF horse in the mouth

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

We’ve reached the end of the octofinals!

Sixteen GIFs entered the GIF-O-Drome, and only eight will advance to the quarterfinals. Today’s matchup will determine the eighth and final GIF that will advance to the next round.

Yesterday’s penultimate octofinals matchup was a solid battle, but in the end it was Jerome Robinson throwing down a win over Sam Coffey’s corner bender by a 58-42 tally. Who will join Robinson in the next round?


One of the biggest moments of the BC athletics season wasn’t on the ice, the field, or the court, but rather in a press conference. After a disappointing loss to Virginia Tech, Steve Addazio pronounced that while things weren’t all that great, “it’ll come together, and it’ll be beautiful.” It initially played out as a joke... and then, suddenly, the very next week, the Eagles started kicking ass! Addazio’s quote went from eye-roller to rallying cry, and now the Eagles are, out of absolutely nowhere, looking at a realistic possibility of having a little number next to their name to start the season.

Stony Brook Bound

We’ve had a lot of big, thrilling moments in this year’s GIF tournament, but probably no moment of catharsis quite like this. There are very few things that are more exciting than an overtime golden goal to send your team to the Final Four. Dempsey Arsenault’s one-touch alley-oop goal against undefeated Stony Brook to advance to the Final Four at... well, Stony Brook, actually... was arguably the most important moment of the season in BC athletics. Was it good enough to advance to the GIF Elite 8?

Here’s the updated — and now fully completed — bracket:

We’ll be back next week with the start of the quarterfinals. For now, make sure you get today’s vote in by 8:30am Friday morning!


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