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Boston College GIF of the Year: Octofinals, Matchup #5

GIF me a break

Wake Forest v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Welcome to week two of the BC GIF of the Year octofinals! Our first week had some great matchups, but also some big blow outs. Might we see some closer votes this week? Or might some upcoming choices make a statement for the coming rounds? Your votes will decide!

Last week’s final matchup pitted Dempsey Arsenault against Daryl Watts, and Watts’ undressing of a poor New Hampshire Wildcat took the closest win of the week with a 55-45 margin.

Let’s get week two rolling with our next octofinals matchup!

Comeback Complete

Last year’s BC men’s hockey team had a wildly impressive comeback win early in the season that at least helped them stay in NCAA tournament contention throughout the rest of the season. After trailing 3-0 halfway through the game, the Eagles rattled off three goals to tie the game in regulation before Casey Fitzgerald scored a pretty nice winner 69 seconds into overtime. It was a crucial league, road win at that point in the season against a Friars team that was top 5 in the nation at the time.

Truck Stick

When was the last time a BC football play got you out of your seat like this one? AJ Dillon had his coming out party against Louisville and had one of the highlights of the entire ACC season on a 75 yard touchdown run. Dillon threw down flicked up on the Truck Stick to absolutely manhandle Cardinal DB Chucky Williams, throwing him down like a rag doll and effectively ending the young man’s life then and there.

Here’s our updated bracket after last week’s votes:

Week two of voting has begun! You have until 8:30am on Tuesday morning to submit your ballot.


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