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Kentucky Derby 2018: Your Best Boston College Horse Names

The Offseason!

142nd Preakness Stakes - Previews Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

With the revenue sports well into the offseason, the Women’s NCAA Lacrosse tournament not yet underway, and baseball and softball still a ways away from ACC tournament time, we’ll take just about anything for #CONTENT.

Our Orange friends over at Nunes Magician had the idea to see what the best Syracuse-themed Kentucky Derby horse names there were out there. We figured, surely, if there were good Syracuse names, there would be even better Boston College names.

And you didn’t disappoint!

This morning we solicited your best BC-themed horse names on Facebook and Twitter, and we’re happy to present the best of the best!

The Negative Nancies

RRPP, @JeffBC94 and Brett Rider
3rd and Long, @LKingsThings
Extra Points, @cschroeck
Can’t Win The Big One, Joe Furino

Okay, I laughed. The best of the Negative Nancies. “Can’t Win The Big One” is particularly cruel. Don’t count out WLAX!

The Honorable Mentions

Mr. Brightside, Dan Martin

Oh, you youths...

Fire Spaz, @ML01803 and Robert Tynan

Negative, but also #Evergreen.

King Crowley, @LBerestecki

In York We Trust, David Mastrostefano

Not particularly noteworthy, but also too obvious not to include.

And now, your Top Ten Boston College Horse Names!

Number 10!

It’s Gonna Be Beautiful, @EJHoffses

Remember when we all laughed about this? Turns out it’s actually a rallying cry now.

Number 9!

Soarcretariat, @LukeFHughes

A pun!

Number 8!

Mile 21, @mlew9091

Oooooh a marathon name... Well done!

Number 7!

On The Warpath, @TJWish1

There were a handful of Superfan Shirt-related names. This was obviously the best one. Ooh, Ah!

Number 6!

Che-Chi’s Special Sauce, Mark Tower

The People’s Champion — this name had far and away the most Facebook or Twitter likes.

Number 5!

Gassin’ Haul, Joseph Harkins

A clear Top Five horse name. Certainly worth a chuckle.

Number 4!

Red Bandana, @wxgilbert66

Straight class.



John Oats, @Lallypb

Earns a spot in the Top Three in part just because of how much of a deep cut this is. If you didn’t go to BC during the John Oates years, you really missed out. Everyone has a favorite John Oates story. Also, OATS! It’s funny, because horses.


Reservoir Run, @HomeatHighbury

It’s BC. It’s running. It’s undeniably a quality Boston College horse name.


Million Dollar Steps, @ConPapasPlz

It’s even more BC! And it’s even more difficult running! No doubt about it, this is your winner.

Congratulations to all the winners, who will each be awarded 1,000 Whose Line points for being named to the Top Ten of this prestigious contest.

What do you think? Did we (or more accurately, I, Grant, who was granted complete voting autonomy) get the Top Ten right? Do you have a name that’s even better than these? Let us know in the comments!