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The Craziest, Most Absurd Boston College Sports Takes For Next Year That We’re Willing To Put Our Names On

With the end of the Boston College athletics season occurring on Sunday, we now move into the offseason.

Predictably, you will start seeing your run-of-the-mill offseason posts, maybe some .gif contests (stay tuned!) or even the occasional prediction.

We at BC Interruption want to change that. So we asked ourselves, what is the craziest, ridiculous, most absurd prediction that we are willing to put our names in front of for the season next year?

Let’s find out:

Arthur: There will be three national champions at the Heights next year. BC women’s hockey and lacrosse steamroll through the country with no teams even remotely close to being able to keep up with them. Men’s hockey sees a renaissance and shocks the world by winning the program’s sixth national championship.

And what the hey, football has a year to remember too. AJ Dillon has a season that would place him in serious consideration for a Heisman but for playing at a school north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Anthony Brown comes back with vengeance, and BC gets into, and wins, a significant bowl.

Laura: BC women’s basketball will win at least 50% of their games because the new coach will be able to improve on their basketball basics and bring out the raw talent that a lot of these ladies have.

AJ: BC football will win 9 games and finish in second place in the Atlantic Division. Alright here we go, BC has a stacked offensive line and one of the best running backs in the country. I’m going to go ahead and see that the only team that has a strong L is Clemson. Now I’m sure they are going to lose a few, but I think they have a chance against the other 11. Keep an eye on that Miami game on a Friday night, if BC wins that, they could be in great shape.

Hoffses: BC Football starts the year 7-0 and is ranked Top 15 in the country heading into a showdown against Miami on October 26th. BC is likely to be favored in all four of its home games to start the year and the three games on the road against Wake Forest, Purdue and NC State are all winnable games.

Steven: BC wins two championships and is in the final four for a third: All of the pain we have suffered in recent seasons comes to an end when women’s hockey and women’s lacrosse, the two teams that have come so agonizingly close in recent seasons, finally get over hump and bring home hardware for the Eagles. Meanwhile, the men’s hockey team takes a huge leap forward and ends their season playing in Buffalo in the Frozen Four.

Matt: BC Basketball makes a return to the NCAA tournament, spends multiple weeks inside the AP top 25, and Ky Bowman plays his way onto the All-ACC first team. Despite losing Jerome Robinson, an experienced roster including Ky Bowman, Jordan Chatman, Steffon Mitchell, Nik Popovic and two impact freshmen in Wynston Tabbs and Jairus Hamilton. Don’t forget that Teddy Hawkins still has not ruled out a sixth year and never had his senior day celebration on the Heights. Bowman had an incredible sophomore year but could be a bit erratic at times. As a junior, he will be expected to be a voice of reason, a calming influence, and to control the pace, all of which will make him a first team all-conference player.

Grant: BC will win multiple natties.

After years of heartbreak after heartbreak, we finally smash our way through the glass ceiling like men’s hockey did in 2001. Women’s hockey and women’s lacrosse are both likely to contend for #1 overall seeds in their respective tournaments, with what will probably be the best team either program has ever had -- which is really saying something.

Should one of those teams fall in the tournament next year, men’s hockey will be there as a backup plan to hold onto that “multiple natty” status, as Jerry York has put together a national title contending roster for the first time in ... well, not that long, but long for us.

Patrick: AJ Dillon pushes for the ACC and BC rushing record (2177 yards by Andre Williams in 2013) en route to a 9+ win season with Heisman votes and National Accolades. The ACC Offensive Player of the Year will come down to him, Florida State’s Cam Akers, and Clemson’s Kelly Bryant. Bryant will win after Clemson rolls to 12-1 and another College Football Playoff appearance.

Katie: Steffon Mitchell adds a reliable-ish 3-point shot to his game, attempts > 5 per game, and opens up the paint just enough for a drastic increase in Ky Bowman highlight reel dunks. Wynston Tabbs exceeds expectations and legitimately challenges Hamilton for BC’s most valuable freshman. Jerome Robinson slips into the second round of the NBA draft, then earns his spot in a rotation and turns heads as a legitimate NBA bench scoring threat (Grayson Allen, meanwhile, is drafted higher and leads all rookies in technical fouls).