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Boston College GIF of the Year: THE FINALS


Florida State Seminoles vs Boston College Eagles Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

This is it! We’ve gone nearly four thrilling weeks of GIF voting. Sixteen GIFs entered, but only two remain. It’s time to vote for THE BEST BOSTON COLLEGE GIF OF 2017 OF ALL TIME!

Which GIF will come out of the GIFodrome as champion? Only you can decide.

Let’s get right to the competitors.

Caitrin Orr

It’s unquestionably the best Boston College goal of the season, and the voters have given it the love its deserves. Caitrin Lonergan’s ridiculous Wonder-Woman score against UConn swept its way to the finals with a blowout win over Happy Day 72-28, a squeaker against Going Bowling 55-45, and a strong vote against Kaileen Hart’s behind the back goal in the semifinals just this week 79-21.


Kent The Highlight Reel

Kenzie Kent’s run to the championship has been every bit as impressive as Caitrin Lonergan’s. Her NCAA championship game highlight reel in which she put up a record 5 goals and 5 assists has her on the doorstep of history. On the way here, she took down Almeida The Wizard by a score of 75-25, Christopher Brown’s goal against Vermont 76-24, and Tatiana Cortez’s emotional walk-off home run just yesterday by a score of 59-41.

Will her GIF be voted into the history books as the GREATEST BOSTON COLLEGE GIF OF 2017 OF ALL TIME?

Here’s a link to our tournament hub where you can look back on all your favorite GIF memories that got us to this point. And here is your updated bracket:

Your 24 hour voting block begins right now, and ends at 9am on Thursday. Make your voices heard!

Which is the 2017 Boston College GIF of the Year?
Caitrin Orr
Kent The Highlight Reel
Quotes 2 Know

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