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Boston College GIF of the Year: Semifinals, Matchup #2

Ceci n'est pas une GIF

Matt Hasselbeck Boston College

We’re so close to the championship! Our first GIF semifinal is in the books, and we had a ton of (very much legitimate) votes come in. Caitrin Orr took the 79-21 win over Kaileen Hart, and will be our first entry in the finals.

That leaves us with just two other GIFs still alive in the tournament! Let’s get right to the second and final semifinal vote.

Cortez Walks It Off

Tatiana Cortez of BC softball enters the semifinals thanks to a close 51-49 win over Davon Jones and the BC football team in the quarterfinals. Is that emotional walk-off home run enough to take her to the GIF finals?

Kent The Highlight Reel

Kenzie Kent’s NCAA championship game highlight reel has had no trouble advancing in this tournament. Her last victory was a 76-24 decision over Christopher Brown’s hockey-dunk on Vermont. Can Kent keep up her strong run and make it to the finals?

Here’s our updated bracket:

We’re almost to the finish line! As always, you have 24 hours to vote, ending at 9am EDT on Wednesday.

Which GIF should advance to the finals?
Cortez Walks It Off
Kent The Highlight Reel
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