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Boston College GIF of the Year: Semifinals, Matchup #1

Never gonna GIF you up

Pacific Tigers v Boston College Eagles Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images


We’ve had three thrilling weeks of GIF-citement, and we’ve finally made it to the medals rounds! This week, we’ll feature the two semifinal matchups today and Tuesday, followed by The Finals on Wednesday. We’ll finish off with our annual BEST OF THE BEST matchup against the reigning champion.

As always, you can check out all of the matchups right here at our tournament hub.

This is a historic vote! For the very first time in the five year history of the GIF Championships, it’s an all-female Final Four! You’ll find nary a Y-Chromosome in the semifinals as Kaileen Hart of BC lacrosse, Caitrin Lonergan of BC hockey, Tatiana Cortez of BC softball, and Kenzie Kent of BC lacrosse (and also hockey, but representing lacrosse in the tournament) eliminated everything in their path to make it this far.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our first pair of semifinalists!

Hart Behind The Back

Kaileen Hart dropped some jaws against Yale, and the voters rewarded her with a strong run through the octo- and quarterfinals, defeating Katie Burt and Patrick Towles along the way. Will we see Kaileen Hart in the finals?

Caitrin Orr

Caitrin Lonergan joins Kaileen Hart in the semifinals thanks to possibly the best goal of the Boston College Hockey season. She took down Steve Addazio not once, but twice (!) to get here! Will she continue her dominating run and make it to the finals?

Here’s your daily check-in on the full tournament bracket:

Let’s start the vote! You have 24 hours, ending at 9am EDT on Tuesday.

Which GIF should advance to the finals?
Hart Behind The Back
Caitrin Orr

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