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BC Interruption Three Stars of the Week: Kam McLain Is This Week's #1

McLain powered the volleyball team to an undefeated weekend

The Heights

Welcome to week 3 of BC Interruption's Three Stars of the Week. Last week, the fan poll agreed with our take that McKenzie Meehan was the #1 star of the week, earning her an additional bonus point in our year long standings. Who will take home the honors this week?

Please note that voting was closed prior to last night's BC soccer victory over UConn; that game will be considered as part of next week's voting.

#1 Star: Kam McLain, volleyball. 14 points, 4 first place votes

The Boston College volleyball team put together a strong weekend, going 3-0 against Northeastern, Harvard and UConn to take home the New England Challenge trophy. Kam McLain, a sophomore from Bellevue, Washington, was named MVP of the tournament, racking up 29 kills and 13 blocks on the weekend.

#2 Star: Harold Landry, football: 8 points, 2 first place votes

There were so many directions to go and people to credit for BC's stellar defensive outing on Friday against Florida State but the most clear choice was Harold Landry, who was named ACC defensive lineman of the week. Landry is starting to get some national attention for being one of the lynchpins of BC's lockdown D. Let's hope they keep it going this weekend.

#3 Trevor Davock, men's soccer: 7 points

Davock had a goal and an assist in BC's conference win over Pittsburgh this past weekend. Davock seems to keep finding his way on to the scoresheet for the Eagles.

Honorable Mentions:

#4: Don Brown, football defensive coordinator: 2 points

Obviously, Don Brown deserved and received some credit for the overall strength of his defense against Florida State. As much as that game was frustrating, let's not lose sight of how remarkable it was that BC kept FSU's offense from scoring for over 56 minutes.

#5 Steven Daniels, football: 2 points

Daniels is another one of several guys on the defensive side of the ball who could have been given votes this weekend. He's also emerging as a guy who's going to get some national recognition.

#6 Alessandra Miller, field hockey: 1 point

Miller racked up her first two collegiate goals over the weekend as field hockey split the weekend, losing to Syracuse and defeating Northeastern.

#7 McKenzie Meehan, women's soccer: 1 point

Meehan scored again in a BC win... what else is new?!

#8 Darius Wade, football: 1 point

One voter threw Wade a "get well soon" vote.

Updated Three Stars of the Year Standings:

1. Bobby Swigert, 4 points (1 win)
2. McKenzie Meehan, 4 points (1 win)
3. Kam McLain, 3 points (1 win)
4. AshLeigh Sebia - 2 points
5. Emily McCoy - 2 points
6. Harold Landry - 2 points
7. Tyler Rouse - 1 point
8. Jeff Smith - 1 point
9. Trevor Davock - 1 point

Leave your thoughts on this week's nominees below.