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Report: Boston College Received $19.4M In ACC Revenue In 2013-14

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That's a lot of moolah.

David Teel of the Daily Press requested and received the ACC tax return for the year 2013-2014.  There was a whole lot of money being thrown around as the conference made $302 million dollars, a 30% increase over the previous year and an 11% increase over their projection (most likely due to FSU/Clemson making BCS bowls). The conference then allocated 90% of the money to their schools according to Teel, and it was broken down as the following:

Boston College Eagles: $19.4 million
Clemson Tigers: $21.3 million
Duke Blue Devils: $20.2 million
Florida State Seminoles: $20.2 million
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: $20.2 million
Miami Hurricanes: $19.5 million
North Carolina Tar Heels: $19.8 million
NC State Wolf Pack: $18.2 million
Notre Dame Fighting Irish: $4.9 million
Pittsburgh Panthers: $18.9 million
Syracuse Orangemen: $19.2 million
Virginia Cavaliers: $18.3 million
Virginia Tech Hokies: $19.3 million
Wake Forest Demon Deacons: $17.9 million

Also the report has Maryland earning a share $18.0 million dollars, but that amount will not be paid out as there as a court settlement that will prevent the Terps from accessing that money. Instead the money will be redistributed to the remaining schools.

In terms of Boston College, that is a good chunk of change for the school. Before we all start hollering about using it to buy improvements on campus, you have to remember that these fees help to support the large amount of non-revenue sports on campus. Those programs eat up a large chunk of the budget. Also at this point you have to imagine that these fees are needed as well to support a basketball team that isn't selling many tickets.

Still it's a lot of money, and you hope that the school can utilize these revenues along with donations/etc. to look at building and improving infrastructure at the school. Having ACC money should give BC a leg up on other schools in the area in terms of building their programs, but we haven't heard any news on improvements in a while.