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The Boston College "Rivalry Uniform" Isn't Half Bad

Syracuse probably needs to learn that a solid orange helmet actually looks pretty good.


A couple of people have passed this onto me, and the guys over at Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician wrote about it on Wednesday. There's a gallery of images showing what college football uniforms would look like if they wore the colors of their rival.

That means a Duke uniform is dressed up in Carolina blue, a Virginia uniform is tailored in maroon and orange, and, of course, Boston College and Syracuse get to swap color swatches.

Here's the Boston College uniform under Syracuse colors:

BC Syracuse colors

And here's the Syracuse uniform redressed in Boston College colors:

Syracuse BC colors

Personally speaking, I actually don't hate the BC uniform redressed in Syracuse colors. Maybe it's a testament to the fact that we have really great uniforms, but the orange and blue look is actually really nice. The Nunes Magician guys agreed.

And then there's the Syracuse uniform dressed up in maroon and gold. If there's something that has to go away fast, it's the monochrome color. That needs to be killed with fire.

The helmet looks like those ridiculous championship edition jerseys teams sport when they raise a banner. Just no.

The lesson as always? The Syracuse uniforms are brutal.

Check out the gallery if you'd like. Some of them are really great. Others are really funny. And others are pretty bad.