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Boston College Coaching Compensation Revealed For 2013

Interested in seeing what the coaches made?

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding BC Athletics has been their coaching compensation. Because they have been a private institutions, the Eagles don't have to disclose their compensation, and coaches have been left off comparison charts like this one at USA Today. When we have had coaches like Tom O'Brien run to another school, many times we have assumed that money had to be a factor in his decision.

BC actually released their tax return for 2013 on their site this week. On it were coaches, both past (Al Skinner) and present. It's laid out as "compensation" and not salary, which could include other factors for each coach (per say Louie Addazio's scholarship, housing, cars etc). Let's break down what they made:

Steve Addazio: $2.56 million. This is a lot more than I expected him to make, I thought he would be around the 2 million dollar area. According to a USA today research, he made more money than Larry Fedora at UNC (2 million), Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech (2.23 million), and right around what Dave Doeren made (2.7 million). He also most likely made more than Paul Chryst at Pittsburgh, though his other income was not listed. Also interesting to note that Dave Clawson and Scott Schafer did not have their incomes listed, and I would predict that Addazio made more than either. Finally, this was 2013, Addazio recently received an extension, which probably included a raise.

Steve Donahue: $978,000. In his final full year with the Eagles Donahue made just under a million dollars. The USA Today poll only included a handful of ACC coaches, and Donahue would have made the lowest amount. Would love to see if Jim Christian is making more than what Donahue made.

Al Skinner: $585,000. Three years after being fired by BC, and Skinner is still being paid a solid salary to not coach. I would love to see if either he or Donahue had to be paid out as well in 2014, because that might have handcuffed BC in their coaching search. That's potentially $1.6 million a year in dead salary, or roughly what Mike Brey made at Notre Dame.

Jerry York: $576,000: Kind of sad that the all time winningest coach in college hockey history is making less than a coach BC fired three years before. This compensation seems a little low, as David Quinn at BU is making more (according to the hockey guys on the site).

Brad Bates: $663,000. BC's head of athletics is making pretty comparable compensation to his peers. Looking at USA Today research Bates makes more than the AD's at UNC, Virginia, Maryland, NC State, and Florida State.

Interesting to see how BC coaches were compensated compared to other schools in the ACC and Hockey East. Our coaches are not the bottom of the barrel in terms of compensation by any means, but fall somewhere in the middle in almost every sport (hockey numbers were hard to find).