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Boston College Superfan Class Shirts, Ranked

The Class of 2018's Superfan shirt slogan has been revealed ...

It's an annual rite of passage ... the incoming freshman class's Superfan shirt, revealed:

As far as Superfan shirt slogans go, not too shabby. It bucks the recent trend of multiple clauses separated by comma slogans; all while introducing a new "flying" synonym into the Superfan lexicon. That's not an easy feat to accomplish when trying to come up with your 17th different variation of "[Action Verb] Like A Eagle!"

Still, this year's Superfan slogan falls short of topping some of the other ones of years past. Here's an updated list of Superfan t-shirt slogans, ranked:

17. Honoring the Legacy, Pursuing Greatness -- the Sesquicentennial Class of 2013 (2013). Probably could have just stopped after "Pursuing Greatness" and this would be a dece option. Instead they needed to take it a step further by self-identifying as not only the 2013 class, but the Sesquicentennial Class of 2013. Seems to defeat the purpose of having class-specific slogans by also having the year you graduate on the shirt.

16. Ignite the Height with Spirit and Truth (2014). Yay athletics competitions! Go topple the opposition with things like spirit and truth!

15. Talons of Fury...Get Ready (2009). Nothing strikes fear into the heart of opposing fans quite like an ellipses. Get ready.

14. Building Character, Becoming Champions (2015). The 2015 class decided to double down on the B.C. acronyms, which, ok. Unfortunately, outside of hockey and ... sailing?, our varsity sports teams didn't come through on the second half of the slogan.

13. Carry The Torch. Light The Way (2017). Where are we going? And why is it so dark where we are going?

12. Eagles Take Action (2010). Is this a statement of fact? A command? ... Eagles, Take Action! Did sponsor this year's Superfan shirt slogan? I'm confused.

11. Always Believe In BC (2005). Does this need to be spelled out on a Superfan shirt? I thought this was a given.

10. Many Hearts, One Tradition (2016). I don't know why but I like this slogan more than I probably should. One of the better ones in recent years.

9. Ever Rising To New Heights (2018). Classic pun.

8. On The Hunt For Excellence (2012). This has to be the most difficult Superfan slogan to place. It's perfectly bland and generic. Therefore I'll rank it somewhere in the middle. You've probably already forgotten what the Class of 2012's Superfan t-shirt slogan was it's so bland ...

7. Whatever It Takes (2002). The OG Superfan slogan.

6. Go Eagles! (2003). Simple, yet effective.

5. Fly Like An Eagle (2006). Another Superfan classic. Superfan slogans since have tried to capture this slogan's simplicity to no avail.

4. Take it to the Heights (2007). Take what to the the Heights? Still, that's a good place to take things.

3. Soaring to Glory (2008). So good it spawned an entire website.

2. Eagles on the Warpath (2004). Possible violent military imagery aside, one of the best Superfan shirt slogans to date. We even have that cheesy cheer to accompany the shirt during sporting events. Of course, I'm also a homer.

1. For Here All Are One (2011). Let's review:

Universal statement of inclusivity? Check.
Doesn't require punctuation to break up the saying? You bet.
Most famously altered lyric from the school's fight song? Uh huh.