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Boston College APR Scores: Eagles Programs Continue To Receive High Marks

Wicked smart.

The NCAA released its annual academic progress rates across Division I on Wednesday and there's plenty of Boston College data to comb through. First, the scores:

Sport (N) Multiyear APR 2012-13 APR Pct. Rank within Sport
M Golf (299) 1000 1000 90th-100th
M Skiing (11) 1000 1000 90th-100th
M Track, Outdoor (279) 1000 1000 90th-100th
W Cross Country (342) 1000 1000 90th-100th
W Ice Hockey (35) 1000 1000 90th-100th
W Lacrosse (100) 1000 1000 90th-100th
W Swimming (196) 1000 * 90th-100th
M Swimming (134) 997 1000 90th-100th
M Track, Indoor (256) 997 1000 90th-100th
W Rowing (88) 997 1000 70th-80th
M Cross Country (312) 996 1000 70th-80th
W Softball (960) 996 984 80th-90th
M Tennis (261) 994 1000 70th-80th
W Field Hockey (79) 989 1000 40th-50th
W Skiing (12) 987 1000 30th-40th
Baseball (297) 986 966 80th-90th
W Soccer (322) 985 947 50th-60th
W Tennis (321) 983 1000 40th-50th
M Ice Hockey (59) 982 972 40th-50th
Football (244) 981 966 90th-100th
W Basketball (344) 978 1000 50th-60th
W Golf (261) 978 1000 20th-30th
M Soccer (203) 963 950 30th-40th
Basketball (346) 951 976 30th-40th

N = Number of teams represented.
* Denotes data representing three or fewer student-athletes. In accordance with FERPA's interpretation of federal privacy regulations, institutions should not disclose statistical data contained in this report in cells made up of three or fewer students without student consent.

And some notes / observations:

-- A total of 16 programs -- seven men's and nine women's teams -- scored a perfect 1000 for this last year. Golf, skiing, indoor & outdoor track, swimming, cross country and tennis on the men's side, and cross country, ice hockey, lacrosse, rowing, field hockey, skiing, tennis, basketball and golf on the women's side.

-- Seven programs continue to maintain a perfect multi-year APR score -- women's swimming, men's golf, men's skiing, men's outdoor track, women's cross country, women's ice hockey and women's lacrosse.

-- The football program, which was one of four ACC programs earning public recognition honors last week, posted a 966 in 2012-13; somewhat below Boston College standards but still higher than Division I's multi-year average of 951. The program's multiyear score drops by only a point year-over-year, from 982 to 981, as a result.

-- The one disappointment on this list has to be men's basketball. Despite receiving a 976 score for the 2012-13 season, the program's multi-year score stands at 951 -- the lowest multi-year rate since the 2006-07 season. That score ranks the program in the 30th-to-40th percentile in men's basketball and just the 10th-to-20th percentile across all sports. The Division I average is six points higher at 957.

The men's basketball program's multi-year mark is still well above the NCAA's minimum threshold to avoid any NCAA sanctions, but it's disappointing nonetheless to see a program that's struggled on the court over the past four years also listed at the bottom of this report.