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The 2014 Christmas Gift Buying Guide, Boston College Edition

Your unofficial way to make sure Santa is decking the halls in maroon and gold.

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Some people get their holiday shopping done before Halloween. If you're one of those people, then there's no need to read any further. If, however, you're one of those people who waited to the last weekend before Christmas to do all of your gift shopping, then you're in the right place to buy for the Eagle in all of us.

We put our heads together and came up with some pretty sweet gifting ideas. So if you want Santa to #SOAR down your chimney, think about getting a few of the following things for your favorite Superfan:

Tales From the Boston College Hockey Locker Room

Some of the legendary names in Eagles hockey history are covered in 220-plus pages of interesting and historical stories. Despite the recent success with four national titles since the turn of the century, there are years' worth of BC hockey to cover: "Snooks" Kelley, Len Ceglarski, Jerry York, Brian Leetch. It's one of those books that pulls back the curtain on arguably the most successful of Boston College's athletics programs.

Vintage 2015 Boston College Wall Calendar

This is really a cool gift idea. Each month is an old-school football program. Some of the images date back to the 1940 season with games at Fenway Park, and the images of the Eagle spearing different animals are nostalgically awesome. It's also amazing to think there was a time when BC played St. Bonaventure and Springfield.

Under Armour Sideline Polo

If you've never owned an Under Armour shirt, you probably haven't bought anything from BC over the past four or five years. Seriously, though, I love Under Armour, and my wardrobe is decked out in their cold and heat gear. The polo shirts are comfortable, and they really do wick away sweat in the warm weather. So when you're getting ready to chew out your quarterback for underthrowing a wide open receiver, or you're already yelling at your receiver for dropping that wide open pass, make sure you're doing it looking a DUDE.

Pinstripe Bowl Snowflake Beanie

When I went to the Winter Classic back in 2010, one thing that stood out to me was the amount of people wearing Winter Classic gear. And since this game is going to be loaded with Boston College fans, be one of the Superfans by wearing the souvenir beanie with your superfan shirt. It's actually a pretty sharp hat, and it's only $19.99. Some hats from New Era can run up to like $26 so I see this as a pretty decent bargain, too.

Under Armour Red Bandana T-Shirt/Welles Crowther Lacrosse Shirt

This might be gear, but at least it's gear that means something. Nobody will forget the red bandana game, and nobody will forget Welles.

Coleman Roadtrip Grille LXE

My brother has one of these, and its one part champ, one part beast, all parts grille. If you have a tailgate pass for Shea Field, this is a must-have. Nothing's better than putting a frying pan of bacon on the grill for the noon game, and nothing's better than firing up some steak tips and sausage for the afternoon and night games. The grill runs on those little propane canisters, and it's a wise investment. Doubles as a portable heater for November games, too!

Once the tailgate's done, simply fold it up and put it in the back of the car. Just make sure it cools off before you burn your trunk!

JR's Family BBQ Sauce

My friends used to laugh at me about buying a BBQ sauce online from a guy who made his name as a professional wrestling announcer. The sauce, however, is legit. It especially goes great on pulled pork.

Boozy Sunscreen Flasks

If you're one of the people who really needs a beverage at a football game, I'm willing to bet Team Ops won't ask questions on your bottle of suntan lotion. They probably won't say anything in the stands, either, because it's not like they police that stuff—my security guy did virtually nothing this year while people a few rows back were going ham. So this is probably a good buy in those situations.

Personalized Tailgate Dispenser Cooler

I actually found this looking at potential gifts for groomsmen for my wedding a couple months ago. The dispenser has a zip-up pocket in the front from which you can grab your soda or brew, and the foil lining will definitely keep your stuff cold. It's a good way to store your E-30, as my friends refer to their "emergency beers."