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BCI Radio Is Back Tomorrow!

The most happening show on the Internet is back. And yes, I just said "happening"

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

BCI radio returns tomorrow, and we've got a great show once again lined up! Join us at 7 PM on Tuesday as we talk about the BC hockey and basketball programs in the wake of what's been a rough couple of weeks. We'll also have some great guests lined up, and we'll be taking your calls to discuss your topics of choice once again!

On tap:

-BC hockey's week in review: the men and women both came away with huge wins but also major letdown performances. We'll look at what happened and discuss the games' impact on their respective seasons moving forward.

-BC basketball: what should BC be looking for moving forward, and where did this season really go wrong? What's the biggest cause for their struggles, and what is wrong with Coach Donahue's style? We're assuming the Donahue era is getting ready to sunset, so we'll discuss the potential coaching search and what BC needs to be doing to improve the program in the future.

-If time allows, we'll start looking forward to the baseball season in the spring with first pitch just about a month away.

-And your calls! Give us a call and talk about any BC-related topic you'd like to discuss. Was it the basketball town hall? Was it the hockey games this past week? Is it anything still leftover from the football bowl game? Let us know! We're at your disposal, and this time, YOU get to play co-host to discuss topics of choice.