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Tears Of Unfathomable Sadness, Volume 16

Didn't we just do this last week?

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Remember last week?

Last week we gathered 'round and enjoyed the simple pleasure of UConn losing in agonizing fashion to Texas, at home, in front of all its anklebiter fans. It was awesome. Let's relive it briefly.

UConn with a 2 point lead. Crowd going wild...

Last second shot from the corner...

Sweet, salty Husky tears. Beautiful.

In case there were any doubt as to whether or not the good Lord approves of our weekly segment, He decided to give us that same joy again.

UConn with a 2 point lead. Crowd going wild...

Last second shot from the corner...

NO FREAKING WAY. Again?! It happened again?

The exact same way?? To Yale???

We laugh, but those watching closely at the end of the game noticed that there might have been some truth to that after all...

Anyway, if you're ever having a bad day, just remember: God hates the Huskies.

Let's sidestep just a bit. Remember how UConn lifted its skirt every time the slightest hint of a chance at joining a real conference came up? The begging, pleading to join the ACC in the last round of expansion. And of course, if this 87 page (!!) thread on The Boneyard is to be believed, that Big Ten invite is in the mail, you guys!

Well, someone on the internet mentioned conference expansion, so, here we go again...

Yes! ACC doesn't want you, Big Ten doesn't want you, what about the Big 12! That works!

The funny thing about this article is that it spends 3/4 of the article talking about all the reasons why UConn is a terrible add for any conference, before finally throwing in a paragraph about how it would be great for UConn if they got into the Big 12 (#HotSportsTakes).

It kicks off with the caption of the lead photo:

Bad weather and bad football meant a small crowd at Renschler Field on Saturday to see the Huskies lose to previously winless SMU, 27-20.

Big 12 here we come!

Any number of us in Connecticut would have been qualified to sit on that elite panel. We know horrible teams. We know horrible football.


...a coach like Bob Diaco can stand there after the most humiliating loss of the school's FBS history, after a hapless two-win debut season, and can say, "I'm looking forward to looking on it in a few years and saying, 'That happened exactly the way we wanted it to happen.'"

UConn Football: Catch The Excrement!

And finally, we move away from UConn to some Virginia Tech basketball players who have no idea what they're doing.

I'm not a hoops guy, but I know how many fouls you need for a 1-and-1. Apparently no one on the court was paying attention except for this one Penn State dude.

Not only does he go in for the layup, he goes in there totally confident, makes the hoopshot, emphatically gives the ball back to the ref, and then feeling like he screwed up, nonchalantly goes back to his spot for the next free throw like "oops."

It takes a second for everyone to realize that he was right, but then they do, everyone realizes it at the same time.

HA...straight out of Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner.