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BC Women’s Soccer vs. Virginia Tech: Preview & How To Watch

Unbelievably, the final match of the season

Wow, what a weird year. I mean, just generally, obviously, but sports-wise, we’re at just the 8th game of the women’s soccer season and BOOM, that’s it, we’re done. This is the final game of the short BC WSOC season, and while it hasn’t been super smooth, it at least.... well, happened. Woo! It’s the little things here in The Year Of Our Lord 2020.


Virginia Tech Hokies (4-7-0, 3-4-0 ACC)
at Boston College Eagles (1-6-0, 1-6-0 ACC)


The Boston College Women’s Soccer Season Finale


Newton Campus Field
Newton, MA


Sunday, November 1st, 2020
1:30pm EST*

*Yep, Eastern Standard Time, not Daylight Time. Hope you changed your clocks this morning!


Boston College had another very BC-tease-y loss on Thursday in what has really been a frustrating year. The Eagles fell 2-1 to #10 Virginia Tech with a late goal giving the Eagles some hope, but they couldn’t find an equalizer before the final whistle. There have been a few games like that for BC this year — they probably deserve a better record than they have.

Virginia Tech had a high-scoring affair on Thursday against Wake Forest where the Hokies took a 4-3 win in a wild one, with each team coming up with a couple rapidfire goals late to retake the lead from each other. In the end, it was the Hokies in the 80th and 84th minutes to take the lead for good and earn the victory.


We’ve got Eagles in HD to finish off the season — you can catch BC vs. the Hokies on the ACC Network on your cable box, or if you’ve got the right provider, you can log in and stream it here.