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Boston College Women’s Lacrosse: How To Watch the First Round Against Notre Dame

Kathryn Riley-BC Interruption

The ACC women’s lacrosse tournament begins today, and that means BC will take the field today against the No. 4 seed Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Here’s what you need to know.



No. 5 Boston College Eagles (12-5, 3-4 ACC)


No. 4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (11-6, 4-3 ACC)

Date: Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Time: 2 pm ET

Venue: Sports Backers Stadium, Richmond, Va.

How to Watch on TV: NESN Plus, and others.

How to Listen: Just watch the game please.

Live Stats: (to be updated)

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact about Notre Dame from Wikipedia:

Manti Te’o was implicated in a catfishing hoax that he definitely, totally had nothing to do with YOU GUYS.

Did BC win the last time it played Notre Dame?

Oh, you bet.

Was it awesome?

Is putting in eleven second half goals, and holding Notre Dame scoreless for twenty minutes awesome?


Then it was awesome.

Should I watch this game?

I would.

Excitement meter: 10/10