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BC Women's Hockey vs. Northeastern, NCAA Quarterfinals: Final Thoughts & Predictions

No more mulligans.

BC Athletics

This is it. No second chances. The NCAA tournament is finally here.

Three wins to glory. One loss to have it all come crashing down. Last week against Boston University, losing would have been depressing, but BC had already clinched the #1 overall seed and the big prize was still well within their reach.

BC can't afford any slip ups now.

This Season vs. Northeastern

Two blowouts and two ENGs. For a full season series recap, check out our "Getting To Know Northeastern" feature from earlier this week.

Big Questions

Has BC figured out how to win big games? Are they overlooking the Huskies, even a little bit? Will Megan Keller sit on Kendall Coyne all day, or will Kendall Coyne slip through the cracks and take over the game? Kendall Coyne? Kendall Coyne? Kendall Coyne? Kendall Coyne? Will BC start to feel the pressure of all the media attention they've gotten this week? Does the team feel like they got screwed by the selection committee? Will Northeastern be playing angry because they were called out by the chair of the committee? Why were both close games against the Huskies played at Conte Forum? Which window of my car do I punch out first if BC loses?

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Northeastern's Wikipedia Page

Northeastern students can apparently study abroad in Antarctica. There's a joke in there somewhere.

Game Day Beverage

Monster M-80

One day when Joe and I were still students, someone came up to us at a women's hockey game at Conte Forum asking us if we wanted to give out some Monster M-80 to people at the game, because they didn't really care to do it themselves. "Anything you don't give away is yours to keep," said this person.

Well, this person either didn't get a good look at the stands, or didn't care, because there were perhaps 150 people at that particular women's hockey game. Most of them were parents who had no interest in energy drinks. And so it came to pass that Joe and I ended up with dozens and dozens of cans of Monster M-80 that we drank and spilled on the ground for weeks and weeks in the first row of Section XX.

To this day, you may find that the concrete floor of that row is just a little bit tackier than elsewhere in Conte Forum.

Gametime Song of the Week:

Muse -- Hysteria

"Hysteria, in its colloquial use, describes unmanageable emotional excesses."

Yeah, that'll work.

Staff Predictions

Grant Salzano
BC 7, NU 4 (ENG) -- I'm expecting total pandemonium. Coyne-splosion. Perhaps a Carpentrick. No relief until the buzzer sounds. Or at least until the empty netter. This isn't going to be easy.

BC 7, NU 1

Brian Favat
BC 4, NU 1

Arthur Bailin
BC 5, NU 4 (OT)

Caleb Childers
BC 4, NU 2

AJ Black
NU 5, BC 3

Laura Berestecki
BC 5, NU 3

Dan "New Guy" Rubin
BC 4, NU 3