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GOAL BY GOAL: BC Women's Hockey Kicks Off Playoffs With 5-2 Win Over Maine

Eagles move to 35-0-0

BC Athletics

Even when the Eagles aren't at their best, they still have the talent to boss their opponent for the win.

BC women's hockey dropped the puck on their postseason Friday afternoon against the Maine Black Bears, dominating gameplay and the shot count but coasting to an unremarkable 5-2 win at Conte Forum.

Boston College Goal #1: 5:02 of the 1st period
Kristyn Capizzano (Haley Skarupa)

BC 1, UMO 0

BC got the party started early on. The Eagles have one of the most aggressive forechecks in hockey, and it's a big part of their offense.

As soon as the Black Bears gather the puck in below the goal line, there's at least one BC skater streaking over to pressure the puck carrier. The pressure forces a bad pass to the center of the ice that's intercepted by Skarupa, and with so many BC players still in the offensive end, there are a couple of targets for her to choose from out front.

Capizzano is the one who gets her stick on the puck, and the Eagles have a 1-0 lead.

Maine Goal #1: 17:41 of the 1st period
Nicole Arnold (Anna Wright, Eve Boissonneault)

BC 1, UMO 1

Maine would not go quielty in this game despite getting outshot by huge margins, especially in the first couple periods. BC's defense wasn't really bad on this play, as Bender had Maine's Anna Wright angled to the boards across the blue line. But rather than skate the puck further in, Wright cuts back misfires on a semi-dump in.

The misfire ends up on the stick of Boissonneault who catches Burt off guard which a quick backhand, and Arnold finds her way to the rebound before anyone else can really react, giving Maine the goal to tie the game.

Just a series of unfortunate events for BC.

Boston College Goal #2: 18:19 of the 1st period
Tori Sullivan (Meghan Grieves, Kaliya Johnson)

BC 2, UMO 1

Maine's last goal wasn't bad defense on BC... but this is definitely bad defense from Maine.

Keller wins the puck back to Johnson who skates the puck forward, and not one but two Eagles manage to skate their way through the Maine blue line almost untouched.

Grieves is the player further ahead and she is the one who gets the initial shot off, and Sullivan, bringing up the rear sticking with the play, lifts the puck over Meghann Treacy to earn the goal.

Maine Goal #2: 4:39 of the 2nd period
Victoria Hummel (Catherine Tufts)

BC 2, UMO 2

One weakness BC has had against some of the lower level teams that they play is they can be overconfident and overaggressive. This is a great example.

Toni Ann Miano, gets caught up trying to make a steal along the boards and in doing so allows an odd man rush for the Black Bears.

The other BC defender, meanwhile, makes an aggressive move to the puck carrier in the hopes that she won't be able to make the difficult cross-ice pass... but Tufts is able to dish it over beautifully for the one timer goal that ties the game up once again.

Boston College Goal #3 (GWG): 10:38 of the 2nd period
Makenna Newkirk (Andie Anastos, Dana Trivigno)

BC 3, UMO 2

For all their flaws, Maine wasn't completely abysmal in this game. The problem is that BC was just much too quick for them to keep up with.

This is a good job from BC to win a battle along the boards and make a couple quick passes to free up some space. Once they do, it's just a matter of sending the puck on net and looking for the rebound, which is sent home by Makenna Newkirk to give BC the lead for good.

Boston College Goal #4: 1:38 of the 3rd period
Dana Trivigno (Makenna Newkirk)

BC 4, UMO 2

Oh yes, very nice, I like.

First off, more of that great BC forecheck in the corner. Without Newkirk battling to free the puck from the Maine puck carrier, this goal never happens.

Then, a US National Team player gets to the puck with room to work. A Black Bear overpursues the forehand shot, and Trivigno makes a dirty 360 move to the backhand that both goes around the defender and surprises Treacy with the shot through the 5 hole.


Boston College Goal #5 (ENG): 19:57 of the 3rd period
Makenna Newkirk (Megan Keller, Dana Trivigno)

BC 5, UMO 2 -- FINAL

Newkirk puts the finishing touches on what was an excellent game for the freshman with the empty net goal, and that was it. The score was closer than the game, and aside from perhaps from overconfidence from BC, the result was never in doubt.

BC will look to complete the quarterfinals sweep Saturday evening at 7pm at Conte Forum. A win would send BC to the Hockey East semifinals, and also mathematically clinch the #1 overall seed in the NCAA tournament for the Eagles.

6 wins to glory.