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GOAL BY GOAL: Skarupa Goes Off In BC Women's Hockey's 4-3 Win Over Boston University

Senior single handedly earns BC their 21st win


For the second straight game, BC women's hockey had a player score four goals. But unlike their game against Syracuse last month, they needed every one of those goals.

Boston University gave the Eagles another scare, but Skarupa's four goals were enough to give BC the 4-3 win and a conference sweep of the Terriers.

Boston College Goal #1 (PPG): 5:03 of the 1st period
Haley Skarupa (Alex Carpenter, Kenzie Kent)

BC 1, BU 0

BC looked good early on—and really, throughout the game—and got on the board early on their first power play.

This goal is the same general idea as the first goal for the men's team last night. Make the pass out of harm's way and as your opponent follows the puck, go right to the net. Carpenter's on board and she sends it right back to Skarupa on the doorstep to give the Eagles the early lead.

Boston University Goal #1: 8:13 of the 1st period
Kayla Tutino (Sarah Lefort)

BC 1, BU 1

Despite being ranked far ahead of the Terriers, it feels like nothing is ever easy against BU. Part of that is because even though BU may not be able to possess the puck like BC can, their transition game is very scary.

Bender, the defenseman with her arm up at the start of the GIF, gives Lefort way too much room to work with. Miano has her skater well defended (she doesn't even end up factoring into the play) and Bender doesn't really do anything to help the chaos.

This isn't the cleanest goal but the result is the same. Lefort leads the rush and sends the puck across the crease where it pinballs around a bit, and BU ends up getting a stick on it to tie the game.

Boston College Goal #2: 12:52 of the 1st period
Haley Skarupa (Kristyn Capizzano, Dana Trivigno)

BC 2, BU 1

There's Skarupa again. If you follow her on this play the goal is even more impressive. She's got a defender who really hooks the hell out of her on the way to the net. But Skarupa doesn't even lose a step and is ready to receive the pass right when Capizzano needs her.

Boston University Goal #2: 19:32 of the 1st period
Dakota Woodworth (Sarah Lefort, Samantha Sutherland)

BC 2, BU 2

Transition game for BU again. BC doesn't seem to defend any worse against BU than they do anyone else, but their aggressive forecheck leaves opportunities for an odd man rush if they can't get back. The Terriers have impressive team speed and they know how to use it.

Valiant effort from the BC defender on this one, but Woodworth has a nice finish to tie the score late in the period.

Boston University Goal #3 (SHG): 1:05 of the 2nd period
Rebecca Russo (Rebecca Leslie, Lillian Ribeirinha-Braga)

BU 3, BC 2

BC earned a power play just before the end of the first that carried over into the second, but it was BU who would get the goal to take the lead.

What a brutal goal for BC to give up. It's off screen but the shorthanded Terriers sent the puck deep where Burt tried to reign it in. But the Terriers got down to challenge pretty quickly and when the Terriers win the battle in the corner, Burt's not set, and there's a Terrier by herself in front ready for the pass to give BU the lead.

Boston College Goal #3 (HT): 10:24 of the 2nd period
Haley Skarupa (Dana Trivigno)

BC 3, BU 3

What a wrist shot from Skarupa.

Skarupa is all by her lonesome across the blue line and there are two Terriers there to defend. But she's coming in with so much speed that by the time she shoots she's at the top of the slot.

Still, you basically need a perfect shot to score from there, and she's got it.

Boston College Goal #4 (GWG): 17:31 of the 2nd period
Haley Skarupa (Kristyn Capizzano, Dana Trivigno)

BC 4, BU 3 -- FINAL

Skarupa again. She was just everywhere in this game.

Just like earlier, she dishes the puck off and goes right to the net. The result is exactly the same. Too many Terriers follow the puck, leaving space to the net, and the return pass is right on point for Skarupa to finish with the backhand. Just unfair.

That wraps up the season series with BU, although there's a strong possibility that the Eagles may end up facing the Terriers in the Beanpot final (which will be on BU's home ice at Walter Brown) and possibly the Hockey East tournament as well.

Next up for BC is their first series against Merrimack, in their first season as a non-club team, who has (as expected) struggled so far to get much going. The Warriors are last in Hockey East, last in goals scored, and last in goals allowed. So, at the risk of jinxing the unjinxable, look for the Eagles to put up video game numbers next week.