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GOAL BY GOAL: #5 BC Women's Hockey Tramples #11 Boston University, 5-1

Eagles end regular season on a winning streak

Boston College Athletics

One hockey regular season has come to an end this weekend, with the 5th ranked BC women's hockey team wrapping up a 25-5-3 regular season with a 5-1 curbstomping of the hated BU Terriers.

Like they had all weekend, the Eagles controlled play for the vast majority of the game, but unlike yesterday, the game was never in doubt.

Goal #1 -- 7:46 of the 1st period: Emily Pfalzer (Haley Skarupa, Andie Anastos)
BC 1, BU 0

Just 7 minutes in after constant BC pressure, the Eagles would get the scoring started past a flailing Kerrin Sperry with a turnaround goal by Emily Pfalzer. #15 Field would tap the puck in mid-air to make sure it goes in, but Pfalzer would get credit.

What's with Kerrin Sperry? She likes to flop around like a dying fish. She did it yesterday all afternoon and she got burned on it. It happened again today. I could watch her uselessly rolling around like that all day and not get tired of it.

BC would take a late-period penalty which gave BU a valuable opportunity to steal a tie going into the first intermission, but that is nahttt what would happen.

Goal #2 -- 19:02 of the 1st period: Haley Skarupa (Andie Anastos)
BC 2, BU 0

A bouncing puck over a BU stick at the point and BC was off to the races. Unfortunately for the Terriers, the Eagles on the 2-on-1 were two of BC's most skilled players, and Skarupa had no trouble firing the shorthanded tally past Sperry to put BC up 2-0.

The second period started out with more of the same to really put the Terriers back on their heels.

Goal #3 -- 5:48 of the 1st period: Taylor Wasylk (Dana Trivigno, Emily Pfalzer)
BC 3, BU 0

Emily Pfalzer had a really nice game yesterday, but she was all over the scoresheet this afternoon. Pfalzer, #14, carries the puck deep into the corner, pulling a couple Terriers down low with her, before throwing the puck back. Trivigno dances around another BU skater before throwing the puck at the net. The puck deflects off Wasylk and BC's in total control.

Unfortunately, it looked like BC let off the gas a bit after this goal. This was the only period of the series that BU outshot BC, and it seemed to be a result of players coasting to pucks in the corner and gliding along defending their player.

Accordingly, the Terriers got a goal back midway through the period, and threatened a couple other times. Redshirt senior goaltender Corinne Boyles kept BU at bay, though, and BC would get the goal back in the third period.

Goal #4 -- 10:38 of the 1st period: Andie Anastos (Emily Pfalzer, Emily Field)
BC 4, BU 1

Hey, there's Sperry flopping around on her stomach again. Quality work by Anastos to stay with the play after the initial shot was blocked by BU. With Sperry about 3 feet outside of her crease doing her best Joe Grav impression at goalie, all Anastos had to to was poke the puck into the open net.

Given the way BC was handling BU, the three goal lead with 10 minutes left seemed like it would be enough. But it's not a successful BC/BU game unless you can rub salt in the wound.

Goal #5 -- 10:38 of the 1st period: Andie Anastos (Emily Pfalzer, Emily Field)
BC 5, BU 1 -- FINAL

This time it's Kate Leary putting the exclamation point on the win, dancing around a helpless Terrier across the blue line and shooting an absolute laser past Sperry. 5-1, and that's your final.

And so ends a successful regular season. This weekend's split against the Terriers puts BC solidly in 5th place in the Pairwise, all the way up to what basically amounts to a virtual tie with Harvard, just 0.0008 RPI points back of 4th place, which would earn an NCAA quarterfinal home game -- a position which seemed completely unreachable just a few short weeks ago. A few upsets on top teams and a BC winning streak later, here we stand.

The Hockey East tournament starts up with next week's quarterfinal against last place New Hampshire before heading to Hyannis (???) for the semis and finals. A Hockey East championship would likely earn BC that all-important 4th place position in the Pairwise heading into the tournament selection show.