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Boston College Women's Hockey Names 2015-2016 Captains

3 C's and 2 A's... that's, what, a B- average?

Arthur Bailin

The women's hockey team announced its captains today, and there are... a lot of them.

Captain: Alex Carpenter '15
Captain: Dana Trivigno '15
Captain: Andie Anastos '16
Alternate: Lexi Bender '15
Alternate: Haley Skarupa '15

Carpenter is no stranger to leadership. She is a four time captain of the US National Team, most recently at this spring's USA U22 tournament. Trivigno lead the nation by a wide margin in penalties and PIM last year (enforcer!), and Anastos is one of the best two-way forwards on the roster.

Lexi Bender leads the way from the blue line as the only defensive captain, showing a flair for offense as one of the top 4 defensive scorers in the country last season. And Skarupa is a likely addition to the next Olympic roster after being snubbed in the 2014 Olympics (in which the USA lost to Canada, which is almost definitely not a coincidence).

To top it all off, all of the captains were invited to National Team Development Camp this past August.

It's can only be a positive that there are so many Eagles with leadership traits on the roster. Here's hoping that the experience on the ice will bring a national title to the Heights in 2016.